Why did Yang Mi Liu Weiwei announce the reason for the divorce: the new love was photographed, fearing that the relationship was exposed

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Why did Yang Mi Liu Weiwei announce the reason for the divorce: the new love was photographed, fearing that the relationship was exposed

2018-12-24 20:25:04 976 ℃

On December 22nd, Yang Mi Liu Weiwei’s affiliated company issued a divorce statement, saying that Yang Mi Liu Weiwei had signed a divorce agreement this year, peacefully breaking up and divorcing The latter two will jointly take care of and support their daughter Xiaomi as a relative. Yang Mi Liu Weiwei’s divorce rumors have been passed for 3 years. In the past three years, there have been many anecdotes. Yang Mi and Li Yifeng have been accused of acting because of this. Yang Mi denied the derailment of Li Yifeng, and Li Yifeng also denied that he was infected with Yang Mi, and Liu Weiwei’s side It was also rumored to be ridiculed. In the middle of the night, Wang Ou’s room was pointed out. Finally, Liu Weiwei clarified that it was late at night. Yang Mi also expressed his belief in Liu Weiwei... In short, every time an rumor came out, Yang Mi’s divorce rumors would be more intense.

The divorce has been passed for many years. Now suddenly announced the divorce, sparked a hot discussion, what is the reason for Yang Mi Liu Weiwei finally chose to announce the divorce news at this point in time? On the evening of December 23, a senior entertainment reporter broke the news and said: "Flower flowers and her ex-husband did not contact very early, but because the two are in the same company, the company will not let the two open divorce for the sake of interest. This year, the company was delisted from the New Third Board, and the two of them were not necessary to be bundled again. One of them had a relationship, and in order to prevent the appearance of being shackled, the divorce was finally announced, and the small flower that released the self was put on the hot search. Shifting the line of sight is also the flow of this traffic."

Although the entertainment record does not directly say that the traffic is Yang Mi, but from The user's message released by the entertainment record can be judged that the flow of flowers refers to Yang Mi, and Zheng Shuang did a hot search on December 23 because of the news of the company with her boyfriend Zhang Heng. The entertainment record said that Yang Mi Liu Weiwei announced the divorce in addition to the reasons for the previous interest bundle, more importantly, one of them gave a new love, fearing that the new love was exposed, so they simply announced the divorce.

In fact, there are many reasons for Yang Mi’s selection of divorce news on December 22nd. There is a saying that Xiaomi is on Christmas holiday, Yang Mi Liu Weiwei does not want Xiaomi to be disturbed by the media. In order to protect Xiaomi, it was decided to announce. However, this argument seems to be somewhat far-fetched, because the small glutinous rice as the star of the third generation is itself the target of media attention, and Yang Mi is busy with work, and is less away from the small glutinous rice. Whether it is time to return to Hong Kong to accompany the small glutinous rice has been asked by reporters. It has been changed many times, and it has not changed much. Now it is said that the divorce was announced on December 22 to avoid the interruption of the Christmas holiday in Xiaomi, what is the direct relationship? How can this be the main reason?

In addition to the idea of ​​protecting small glutinous rice, there is another saying for the common good. Yang Mi and Liu Weiwei belonged to a company. Yang Mi had signed a performance commitment of 310 million yuan with the investor for three years. In the past three years, the company's core artists could not cancel the contract and withdraw from the management. In addition, there is also a saying that the divorce between Liu Weiwei and Yang Mi will affect the stock price of the New Third Board listed company that Yang Mi indirectly holds. In the eyes of many people, Yang Mi Liu Weiwei has concealed the divorce news for a long time for the common good.

Why is Yang Mi Liu Weiwei choosing The announcement of the divorce news on December 22 caused controversy. In addition, the actual divorce time of the two was also controversial. It is reported that the two men had been divorced in Canada two months ago. However, a person in charge of a film and television company said that Yang Mi Liu Weiwei had divorced two years ago. It was only for the benefit and the children were released until now. There are still many on the Internet. Big V also called Yang Mi Liu Weiwei divorced for two years.

Yang Mi Liu Weiwei left so many suspense from a marriage, so that netizens feel suspicious It seems that this mysterious marriage is unusual.