Lin Zhiying's whole family 搓 搓 Yuan Chen Ruoyi's belly is bright, netizen: like a twins!

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Lin Zhiying's whole family 搓 搓 Yuan Chen Ruoyi's belly is bright, netizen: like a twins!

2018-12-24 20:25:14 253 ℃

There is no dumplings. Just past the winter solstice, Lin Zhiying’s family seems to be eating dumplings, and the family’s dumplings together. Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi both have sun drying.

Flour spread out over the table, and the dumplings are like Kimi. An event. Difficult to find that now in Weibo, Kimi's hair is still as lush as ever, the little hand is particularly energetic, and the two younger brothers also have help.

Although kimi is a grade for his own dumplings, the big ones are limited editions. Red is a rare one. In terms of selling, it really needs improvement. Even if the shapes are different, there are cracks on them.

The last thing is not cooked, it is also a very magical thing. I doubt if it is the same dish.

Hey, the more magical than the dumpling is Chen Ruoyi’s belly, a silhouette is scary, when is Chen Ruoyi pregnant again, is it pregnant again? twin? Anyone who sees it at first sight will probably make such a question.
Look carefully, it should be an angle problem, Chen Ruoyi The belly part just coincides with Kimi's clothes, and the pattern with letters is obviously not on Chen Ruoyi's clothes. Chen Ruoyi’s clothes are lantern sleeves, which just become an extension of the stomach.
Recently, Chen Ruoyi has taken out his recent photos three times and five times. There is no sign of any pregnancy. The body is very thin and the baby is very bold.
However, there are still netizens who don’t give up. Every day, like a detective, they stare at Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi’s Weibo. Pictures, such as when they decorate their homes with Christmas decorations, are found on the wall far away with a small socks, is it for the future baby?
It seems that the sock should be Lin Zhiying's cat Butter. From this angle, I can see a B letter. This cat is also a very important member of their family. .

Keep an eye on it, guess it on pregnancy, all predict and bless Chen Ruoyi The desire to have a daughter is good, but they have not yet reached that point. In July, Chen Ruoyi wore loose clothes and was said to be pregnant. Lin Zhiying quickly stated that everyone thought more.

It’s really curious when they have new moves. In April of this year, Lin Zhiying’s “Variety of the Variety” on Wu Zongxian showed his desire to make a fourth child. He wanted to feel what his daughter was like. It’s been eight months. Although everything goes on, I still have to take the initiative.

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