Pregnant mother Fang Yuan was photographed by Guo Fucheng in her arms, super sweet, and her husband is more and more photographed.

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Pregnant mother Fang Yuan was photographed by Guo Fucheng in her arms, super sweet, and her husband is more and more photographed.

2018-12-26 10:25:01 298 ℃

Aaron Kwok is one of the four kings, and his marital status is naturally of great concern. Because of the age difference of 21 years and 8 months, many people were not very optimistic about the relationship at first, but then they suddenly became married, and the life after marriage was also very happy!

In the early morning of December 26, Tianwang’s Fang Yuan was rarely able to show her love on the social platform. She drew four Gong Ge said: Thank you for the companionship around each festival, and surprises, small touch, great happiness (actually more and more will take pictures)! Although Fang Yuan did not indicate who the subject is, the picture is already very obvious!

After Fang Yuan married to Aaron Kwok, she has been very low-key, rarely seeing her show love, show, often It’s just a back view of Aaron Kwok, it’s rare to have a sweet picture that is being held in my arms like this. Both husband and wife are very fashionable, and Aaron Kwok wears a hat and a mask. The go out is quite low-key. Fang Yuan also wears a hat and oversized earrings. It also has a very delicate makeup, like a doll, and the value is super high!

Aaron Kwok slammed Fang Yuan with his hand and held a pair of scissors. The netizen was surprised to find that the king also made nails. In fact, people have to have concerts right away, so it is natural to be more refined. Anyway, I believe that Fang Yuan in my husband's arms must be very secure!

Aaron Kwok is probably taking a shopping trip with Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan has dried out the food. So two people are likely to have left their daughters at home and have been to the world of two. I don't know, except for this, what kind of surprise did Aaron Kwok give Fang Yuan?

Aaron Kwok also took photos for his wife. Fang Yuan, who is still very young, sees the Christmas tree in the mall and can't help but take a photo with it. Ordinary people may take pictures of people and Christmas trees, but Aaron Kwok is a diagonal shot, very creative, no wonder it will be praised by his wife: actually more and more will take pictures!

From the word "actually", it can be seen in the eyes of Fang Yuan, how awkward is Guo Fucheng, how bad the camera technology is! However, Fang Yuan is beautiful, and the camera technology is worse. It should be ugly and not where it is.

After attending the event, Aaron Kwok revealed that his wife was pregnant with a second child. However, Fang Yuan’s side view does not seem to be obvious, and the estimated month is not very large. Their daughter, Chantelle, is only one year and three months old, but her mother is pregnant again. This efficiency can be said to be quite high!

Remember that Aaron Kwok said that he still wants a son. I don’t know if this time can break the four kings. Is the daughter's fate, let us look forward to the arrival of the two treasures duck! In addition, the two people have nothing to do on weekdays to show more love, handsome men and women are really eye-catching!