Huang Yi Huang Yiqing compound? Huang Yiqing’s late night sun and her daughter’s video, lamenting that both are cute

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Huang Yi Huang Yiqing compound? Huang Yiqing’s late night sun and her daughter’s video, lamenting that both are cute

2018-12-26 10:25:01 389 ℃

Introduction: Huang Yi Huang Yiqing compounded? Huang Yiqing’s late night sun and her daughter’s video, lamented that both are cute.

On December 26, Huang Yiqing and Huang Wei believed that everyone is familiar. Everyone knows that Huang Yiqing is not a celebrity today, but His fame is more than the fame of many artists in the entertainment industry. It is also his own jaundice that can be used today. Without Huang Qi, there is no Huang Yiqing, who is familiar to everyone today. The biggest advantage of Huang Yiqing is that it is super good for her daughter. The biggest disadvantage is that she should not tear the whole network after she divorced Huang, and said that the ugliness can not be promoted, but Huang Yiqing is the world. Friends know what they are doing at home.

It is reported that Huang Yiqing and Huang Wei were announced in 2011 through social platforms, and they will be born in 2013. The next daughter returned to Huang Yuling. Unfortunately, she experienced more than two years of feelings. At the same time, she also had the crystallization of her own happiness, but she was not able to go to the end. In the marriage of Huang Yiqing and Huang Wei in 2014, the marriage was drawn. I believe this is not only their mutual regret, fans and netizens will feel regret, loved, but went to the disappointment.

After divorcing from Huang Yi and Huang Yiqing, the family of these two people is really spread throughout the entertainment circle. It has become an event that no one knows no one knows. Xiao Bian wants to say that since the marriage is gone, Huang Yiqing still has to tear the shackles in the network. The tears have never stopped in the past three or four years until the last month has not seen Huang Yiqing tearing the yellow scorpion.

In the middle of the month, Huang Wei went to a network of comprehensive programs and talked about himself in the program. After the failed marriage, they repeatedly boarded the Weibo hot search list. According to netizens, Huang Yi has always wanted to recombine with Huang Yiqing. After that, Huang Yiqing, who has always been smashing Huang Qiqing, seems to be soft, and no longer tears like he used to. The recent news about Huang Yiqing and his friends is also a slap in the air, as if everywhere.

Huang Wei Huang Yiqing compounded? Huang Yiqing has a late night sun and daughter video, lamenting that both are cute!

In the early morning of December 26, Huang Yiqing slid a short video of Huang Wei and her daughter Huang Yuling on her personal social platform. This is the first time that Huang Yiqing and Huang Wei have been in the same year since the divorce of Huang Yiqing and her daughter. Video, Huang Yiqing with the text: Both are very cute. If I am so intimate, I have not heard Huang Yiqing say to Huang Wei for many years.

In the small video of Huang Yiqing, Huang Wei and her daughter Huang Yuling were also very happy. It was not only Huang Yiqing’s relatives such as his wife Huang Wei. The video hasn't been seen for a long time, and even the naughty and lovely time of Huang Wei and her daughter Huang Yuling has not been seen for a long time. Therefore, it is obvious from the small video that Huang Yiqing has exposed that it is already compounded with Huang Qi. The following three points are sufficient to prove that Huang Yiqing and Huang Qi are compounded.

First, Huang Yiqing, who hadn’t had a photo for a long time on December 9th, shared the photo of her daughter Huang Wei: “It’s so cute, it looks exactly the same as when I was young...” From this point Find clues.

Second, Huang Wei took her daughter to go skiing together, accompanied by Huang Wei and her daughter Huang Yuling, it must be Huang Yiqing undoubtedly It is.

The third is that this morning's Huang Yiqing has a small video, obviously on the 25th, Huang Yi, Huang Yiqing, Huang Yuling, a family of three to spend Christmas Picture. From these, it is enough to prove that the two people are compounded.

In fact, it is dried in Huang Yiqing A small video of my daughter and Huang Wei, everyone sees that there are signs of compounding between the two. If there are signs of compounding, Huang Yiqing, who has been divorced for four years, has never had a sun-dried blog. The picture with Huang Hao is so close.

In fact, the two can be combined, Xiaobian has always been looking forward to the first picture, the main purpose is to let After Huang Xiaoling grew up, she has a complete family. Do you think it is really possible for Huang Qi and Huang Yiqing to compound?