Hu Xing's husband and his son are photographed together, and the father and son wear the parent-child costume, and the smile is too cured!

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Hu Xing's husband and his son are photographed together, and the father and son wear the parent-child costume, and the smile is too cured!

2018-12-26 10:25:06 400 ℃

December 25 is Christmas. The Christmas atmosphere in Hong Kong should be relatively strong. So how can Hu Xin’s family not say anything? Especially if there are children in the family, even if the adult is not just Christmas, it will be a symbolic celebration for the children. After all, all the children will not refuse to be given gifts.

Hu Xinger’s husband, Li Chengde, shared his son’s photo with him, and Aite’s Hu Xing’er said: Merry Christmas Mommy! We miss you, See you very soon! Mom is happy Christmas, we miss you, you will see you soon! Really want to be warmed by this husband!

Hu Xinger replied that I also miss you both, and see you later!

In the photo, Li Chengde and his son are sitting on the stairs at home, and they are still wearing a parent-child costume, but Dad It’s a sweater, the son is wearing a sweater with a hat, and the Christmas-themed clothes make the home more beautiful. Li Chengde combed his neat haircut and smiled very sunnyly.

The two babies are also famous and cute. Dad protects his son tightly. Brendan looks like a doll, looks like a doll, his mouth is O-shaped, his eyes are two. The line, this smile is really too cure, it is a little angel! Brendan will take a good idol route in the future. Of course, this road is also a good choice!

Although Hu Xinger is not at home on Christmas Day, Hu Xinger shared the family portrait on Christmas Eve and gave it to her family. Everyone has a Christmas hat, very festive.

Brendan is in the middle of Mom and Dad, holding a small head and holding a pair of innocent big eyes, very cute. Because the cockroach grows too delicate, it was once recognized by some netizens as a girl. In fact, people are just a good man! 奕霆 is definitely the highest value in the second generation of the star, no one! However, some fans have ridiculed Brendan's eyes, but they always look like they are not awake.

Before fans always worried that Hu Xinger would marry the wrong person, but obviously everyone’s worries are superfluous. De Xin always remembers hanging Hu Xinger, often taking her to eat food, taking her out to travel, expressing her wife's love, is definitely a good husband! Li Chengde is also very considerate of his family, and his care for his son is meticulous! He often holds his son and gives his son the best companionship when he returns from a business trip.

Because of the special nature of work, Hu Xinger often flies everywhere, attending various activities, filming, and often does not have a fixed job. The place is different from the office workers who are nine to five, and it may take several days to go. So Li Chengde worried that his wife missed his son too much, and made Brendan's photo from small to big a pillow, which made Hu Xinger very happy and very moved. The baby's smile is really too infectious!

I hope to see a family of four in the family holiday next Christmas! I hope that Hu Xinger will give birth to a second child as soon as possible. Don't waste such a good gene!