Xu Jiao returned to her home to attend the wedding, and a group of guests looked around for a photo. At the age of 21, she has revealed the old state.

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Xu Jiao returned to her home to attend the wedding, and a group of guests looked around for a photo. At the age of 21, she has revealed the old state.

2018-12-26 10:25:05 536 ℃

Speaking of the star girl, everyone first thought of it is Lin Yun, who has become a star-lover in recent years. Compared with other star girls, Lin Yun, who is only 22 years old this year, has more potential for development. In fact, Before Lin Yun, there is a younger star girl Xu Jiao.

When her fake kid dressed up quickly became popular in China, now 12 years later, Xu Jiao slowly got out of the performing arts life. The transfer to the development of the Hanfu industry, the sideline business is even more vivid than the actor's main business.

A few days ago, some netizens came out with a video of Xu Jiao returning to Ningbo, Zhejiang, to participate in family weddings. Xu Jiao's dress is very low-key, and the makeup is also very light. It is almost a state of plainness. At first glance, there is no difference between ordinary people and ordinary guests. If she does not look at it, she will not recognize that she is a star.

On December 24th, Xu Jiao himself also took photos of the wedding day on the social networking site. Xu Jiao is also a foodie. I don’t forget the big cakes and glutinous rice balls on the banquet. After a few days of eating, I still have no idea.

Although Xu Jiao is only in her early 20s this year, she is still a college student, but her looks are similar. More like a mature sister over 25 years old, she is only 21 years old, she has been exposed to the old state, completely robbed of the limelight by her bridesmaid.

Of course, this can completely blame Xu Jiao himself, Xu Jiao's five senses are relatively flat type, cheeks are not so easy to catch meat, Adolescence may not be so obvious, but as you get older, like the average person, the entire face is easy to pull down, triggering more expression lines, and it looks older than the peers around you.

It’s worthy of praise, even if it’s already a star’s Xu Jiao, at a friend’s wedding, a little star There are no shelves, so many guests have been watching for a group photo, because there are too many people coming, Xu Jiao also carefully moved the front chair, so as not to be stumped.

The netizen who shot the video also praised Xu Jiao for being very friendly and friendly, for the group photo request of the guests. It was responsive, one-on-one, so that all the guests present were happy.

After the video is sent, there is The netizen spoke Xu Jiao did not look good when she was a child. Now she looks too ordinary, but some netizens said that Xu Jiao is a star, even wearing a white T-shirt will be noticed, the same day dressed as ordinary Xu Jiao, it is obvious I don't want to steal the limelight of a new couple. This is the performance of high emotional intelligence.

Since the identity of the star girl became popular, Xu Jiao did not develop in the performing arts career. Back in the year, Xu Jiao’s film work is rarely seen now. In any case, Xu Jiao is only 21 years old this year. Her acting skills are still there. I hope she can see her have better works in the future.