The worst night of Christmas Eve! Famous orchestra lead singer crashes and cries: 4 members are buried

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The worst night of Christmas Eve! Famous orchestra lead singer crashes and cries: 4 members are buried

2018-12-26 10:25:06 542 ℃

In the Indonesian Sunda Strait, due to volcanic activity on Saturday night, a tsunami of up to 3 meters was triggered, and the number of deceased has increased to 281. More than a thousand people were injured. The Seventeen, which happened to be performing on the beach, was swept away by the big waves. The exposure of the screen shocked the whole world. The surviving lead singer Riefian Fajarsyah collapsed today (24th) and said that the four members, agents and staff members who have lost their lives have been buried!

The Indonesian Orchestra was attacked by the tsunami on the 17th show, and the huge waves instantly rushed to the stage, and the sea water swallowed The members of the orchestra and the audience, the 17 members and the staff of the orchestra may not fit again, except for the unfortunate death of the bassist Bani and the agent Oki Wijaya, the guitarist Herman and Another staff member, Ujang, also confirmed the martyrdom. At present, only the drummer Andi and the lead singer's wife (Dylan Sahara) are still missing. The lead singer burst into tears today and sent an IG screenshot. The photo only saw a piece of black, and wrote: Bani (bassman) was buried at Gamping at 1 pm, and Herman (guitarist) was buried today in Tidore, Oki ( The agent was buried at Krapyak at 4 pm and Ujang (staff) will be buried at Ujang at 4 pm.


The lead singer also sent a photo of the missing wife. I saw the kissing photo of the couple in Paris. Today is your birthday. What I want to say is, hurry back. Home, dear. It is reported that the woman is still alive, but she is unable to contact, but there are reports that people are still listed on the missing list. The lead singer also described the moment of life and death after being swept away by the big waves. He said that he was crying all over the place. He saw all the hands struggling to survive on the sea. Everyone tried to rise to the surface until these noisy voices faded and quiet. He thought The audience who fell into the sea were all dying, and they were the next one. 17 is a well-known orchestra in Indonesia. There are more than one million people on Facebook. The original 17 is scheduled to return to Jakarta on Sunday. Unexpectedly, a tsunami has left four members and family members forever.