Hong Xin’s warm picture of a family of three, her daughter’s grin and complete synchronization with Zhang Danfeng.

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Hong Xin’s warm picture of a family of three, her daughter’s grin and complete synchronization with Zhang Danfeng.

2018-12-26 10:25:10 701 ℃

In 2018, for Hong Xin, it was a year of dissatisfaction and embarrassment. The family formed by her husband Zhang Danfeng suffered an unprecedented impact. The broker’s “offside” and meaningful blog post and the Hong Kong media The face of the lost emotions, etc., each incident caused widespread controversy on the Internet.

However, time is a good thing, Hong Xin family has withstood the test.

On December 25th, Hong Xin showed a warm picture of a family of three on the social network. Three people stood in front of the Christmas tree and appeared happy. The lovely daughter was surrounded by the couple and was laughing. It seems very happy, and more interestingly, Zhang Danfeng is also grinning at the side, and his daughter is completely in sync, very sweet.

Hong Xin, although he didn’t open his mouth, could see that he was smiling too, and he stayed with his family with peace of mind. I am very happy. After seeing the photos, the netizens have left a message, and while blessing the family, they have not forgotten to ask Zhang Danfeng to take the stepchildren P up.

As everyone knows, Hong Xin is 10 years older than Zhang Danfeng, and the age difference between the younger brothers and the younger brothers is larger. Earlier, the marriage of the two men suffered a lot of resistance. The outsiders’ doubts and the ex-boyfriend Mo Shaocong’s disappointment made the two people bear some pressure. Fortunately, Zhang Danfeng’s very man’s initiative stood up and took Hong Xin’s show. Sunshine, bold show and love, completely unscrupulous, this makes everyone see the possibility.

Of course, conflicts between husband and wife are inevitable, not to mention the fact that there is still a large age gap between the two, before Zhang Danfeng I also broke the temper of Hong Xin in the program. However, tolerating each other is the basis for getting along with each other. Zhang Danfeng did this, and Hong Xin did.

This question has a family crisis, neither Zhang Danfeng nor Hong Xin are willing to see, or even some Fortunately, time proved everything, the family gradually recovered from the past, all the controversies have stopped, and the couple can show their love and happiness as usual, which is not easy.

On Christmas Day, Hong Xin’s photo of a family of three is a good example for the past. In addition, It is also hoped that in the days to come, Hongxin Zhang Danfeng and his wife will continue to love, let the baby daughter grow up in a stable family environment, and never let the story repeat itself, let outsiders see jokes.