Xiong Yulin and his wife, twins, daughters, Christmas photos, one is a soft sister, one is a female

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Xiong Yulin and his wife, twins, daughters, Christmas photos, one is a soft sister, one is a female

2018-12-26 20:25:00 382 ℃

Most people will never seriously celebrate Christmas before getting married and having children, but once they have children at home, parents will dress up their homes beautifully, dress their children beautifully, and buy them for them. Christmas gifts, let them be happy! As expected, Xiong Yulin and his wife shared the photos of the children who had Christmas.

On December 26, Xiong Yulin took out the Christmas photo taken yesterday and said: The first Christmas of the little princesses, the photo is really too difficult to take, I have tried my best.

Xiong Lin put on red clothes and pants for the children, and put on a Christmas hat, the sisters are sitting on the sofa On, one looks at this side, one looks over there, very funny. The eight-month-old Lyvia and Kaylor are already very assertive! Therefore, Xiong Yulin said that it is too reasonable to take a photo with two nieces!

Although they are twins, the sisters are not only different in length, but even in different sizes. Obviously, my sister is more sensual. The sister on the left squats with a pair of big eyes and eyes, giving a soft sister feeling, while the right sister Lyvia is too much collagen because her face is bent down with her mouth. The murderous and fierce milk is completely the same as the female actor, and the temperament is completely different.

Although this is not appropriate, I have to admit that my sister Kaylor has a higher value. Therefore, the biggest disadvantage of having twins is that they will be compared unconsciously by others. Kaylor's hair is also longer, and the fingers are very slender, all of which are genetically inherited.

Xiong Lin holds her daughter in her arms, really like holding her own mini husband. Kaylor looks like a daddy, but in the touch of her mother's excellent genes, she is much more beautiful than her father, and looks better than her father! Kaylor ate his fingers, his face was cute, probably still wondering: What is it doing at home?

In fact, my sister Kaylor’s eyes are not small, just because the cheeks are too big, so it looks like the eyes The area of ​​the land has become smaller. I remember that Yang Wei’s eldest daughter Huanhuan and Bao’s daughter made dumplings. When I was young, it was because there was too much flesh on my face, so I made the corner of my mouth pull down, but now I have grown up to be beautiful, I believe that Kaylor also Will go all the way!

Xiong Yulin Yulu is dip, holding her sister and holding her sister. Curious baby looks around and wants her to look at the camera together and there is no such thing! The skin color of the two sisters followed my mother, very white and tender. If I remember correctly, my father’s skin color seems to be black.

Speaking of Dad, it must be a daughter slave! He also shared the photos of one of his daughters yesterday. He also used his daughter's tone and said humorously: What should I wear for the party this evening? Mom, can you give me some advice?

Kaylor in the photo grabbed the clothes on the hanger and smiled very happy. The chubby arm must be very soft.

Some little expressions of my sister are really hilarious.

By the baby, under the influence of my mother, I will definitely be a fashion girl in the future!

A few days ago, Xiong Yulin also sunk the photo of her eldest daughter next to the Christmas tree and asked everyone to prepare Is it better than Christmas? My sister grinned and smiled, it was a quiet girl!

The couple have a daughter, a clear division of labor, and a pair of twins at home is really fun!