Zhang Xinyu's Christmas gift for pigs and pigs, but the netizen is behind him by He Jiexiu: Senior Show Love

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Zhang Xinyu's Christmas gift for pigs and pigs, but the netizen is behind him by He Jiexiu: Senior Show Love

2018-12-26 20:25:00 447 ℃

If the relationship between Zhao Liying and Tang Yin is to live a love, then Zhang Xinyu’s love will become a romantic novel. The actress in the entertainment circle married a tall and handsome special soldier. This story is estimated to be written only by the novel. The two men got acquainted with the variety "The Soldiers" and they used a variety of pink bubbles in the show. After that, they frequently sneaked in the microblogging show, until the two men took the wedding photo, which made this happen. Things have a perfect ending.

Zhang Xinyu after marriage It is a semi-retreat state, and rarely shows up again. The most is to share your own daily life on Weibo. Before, Zhang Xinyu also shared a photo of herself eating at home, flying herself to eat a nightingale, smug "nobody cares", netizens also shouted that He Jie said to manage your wife.

Many people don't know Yes, Zhang Xinyu likes pets very much, and she also has a white pet Pomeranian, named pig. Zhang Xinyu also studied in Han Han's Madagascar, and opened a microblog for pigs, called "Golden Pig Pork Sauce." This Weibo can be said to be a microblog for pigs, but it is also a half trumpet of Zhang Xinyu, and occasionally it will be used on this trumpet.

Before, Zhang Xinyu On the trumpet, she took a photo of her husband He Jie and the pig. He Jie was very comfortable lying on the sofa. The pig was already around, and the two claws were still on He Jie. Zhang Xinyu is still commenting on "accusation": This is the most hated person in the pigs before, so he was captured so quickly, and the words were filled with unwillingness and sweetness.

So fast Let the pigs accept, I think Zhang Xinyu is also very happy. However, pigs are often used as "third parties". When the two sit together, the pigs are hard to squeeze and sit between the two, full of "light bulbs".

As Christmas is approaching, Zhang Xinyu has given a Christmas gift to her on Weibo’s Weibo. There are small Christmas toys, and two big bags of dog food. The pigs are sitting on the side and writing happy. However, careful netizens found that the highlight of this figure is not that pigs are not Christmas gifts, but the glass behind the pigs!

It can be seen from the reflection of the glass that Zhang Xinyu and He Jie are in front of the pigs. Zhang Xinyu was sitting on the sofa and was happy to take pictures of the pigs. He Jie sat behind her and stared at Zhang Xinyu.

After reading this photo, many netizens commented: This is the high-class show love! It’s a showy look.

It seems that Zhang Xinyu and He Jie are very loving, and this can’t help but envy Xiaobian. It is very enviable than the romantic plot of the novel. I don’t know how you show your love for Zhang Xinyu and He Jie. Welcome a lot of comments.