6 strength singers + a mysterious guest "Singer 2019" official official announcement

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6 strength singers + a mysterious guest "Singer 2019" official official announcement

2018-12-26 20:25:07 1329 ℃

On December 26, 2018, the Hunan Satellite TV "Singer 2019" conference was held in Beijing. Different from the previous announcement of the starting singer, this time, at the press conference, six first-time singers were announced at one time.

They are Liu Huan, Qi Yu, Wu Qingfeng, Yang Kun, escape plan, Zhang Xin. There is also a mysterious guest who has not yet officially announced, and a person familiar with the matter revealed that the seventh starting singer is Kristian Kostov.

The non-famous entertainment evaluator Wu Qinggong pointed out that 80%-90% of the invitations this season are creative singers, so they The ability to adapt will be very strong, "Singer 2019" will be premiered on January 11, the broadcast time is 10 o'clock every Friday night.

Let me talk about this mysterious guest Kristian kostov, a small fresh meat with dual Bulgarian and Russian nationality. Just now in adulthood, many Chinese female netizens have already called him "husband", and the second Dimashi has already booked.

Let’s talk about Zhang Xin, the starting lineup of "Singer 2019" was announced, "Who is Zhang Xin?" Hot search. Every season, "I am a singer", the program team will find one or two singers that few people have heard before.

But this Zhangxin is actually a big hit, and is the runner-up of the 2007 Avenue of Stars. In 2007, he was a draft year, and stars such as Xiao Jingteng, Yang Zongwei, Zhang Jie, Yu Yuming, Li Yifeng, and Jing Boran were born, so Zhang Xin looked unremarkable, and her number of fans was less than 10,000.

Whether Zhang Xin can become the next Deng Ziqi or the next Zhang Tian, ​​it depends on her creation. The addition of Liu Huan and Wu Qingfeng is not a surprise, because it is said that they will join two months ago, and Wu Qingfeng is still a group speaker.

Yang Kun’s joining is a surprise, which is equivalent to having two "China Good Voices" mentor. . Wang Feng really brought a good head. Next time, Na Ying, Zhang Huimei, Jay Chou, and Yu Chengqing are not far away.

Qi Yu and escape plan is also a surprise, Qi Yu’s younger brother Qi Qin came in the first season, but finally retired It is. The escape plan is a band that, like the lion choir led by Xiao Jingteng of Singer 2017, will give a refreshing feeling.

The song king of "Singer 2019" is basically Liu Huan, who else can fight with him?