Zheng Shuangli supported her boyfriend Zhang Heng did not "eat soft rice", from the words to the action have done "protecting husband"

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Zheng Shuangli supported her boyfriend Zhang Heng did not "eat soft rice", from the words to the action have done "protecting husband"

2018-12-26 20:25:08 832 ℃

Stars’ love has always been a concern, such as Zheng Shuang and her boyfriend Zhang Heng, who have recently become the focus of being exposed to partnerships.

Because in the newly opened company of the two partners, Zhang Heng’s shares are less than Zheng Shuang’s shares. This made him questioned by relying on Zheng Shuang in "eat soft rice."

After Zhang Heng sent a Weibo on the evening of December 25, and Aite’s Xiao Shuang’s trumpet With the comics that knocked over a bowl of "soft rice" in response to the doubts of netizens, alluding to that they are independent, and did not rely on Zheng Shuang.

After Zheng Shuang also commented on this Weibo with a trumpet, she is ostensibly talking to her boyfriend. In fact, it is to show your attitude and support him.

The relationship between the two is not optimistic, but Zheng Shuang has always used words and deeds to express himself. Support and encouragement to Zhang Heng. When the relationship has not been exposed, the two participated in the program together. Although the interaction between the two people in the program is more "official", it is still found to be in the limelight.

After the romance was exposed, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were also photographed by the media to support an umbrella in the studio. Zheng Shuang is still hiding in the air of Zhang Henghuai, the smile is obvious, the interaction between the two from time to time, full of sweetness between the couple.

Although as a star, Zheng Shuang is frank and generous when he is in love with Zhang Heng. He is not afraid of the outside world. They are never obscured. They will be photographed by the media from time to time. Travel.

Although the time of the two is not enough, Zhang Heng will drive in the car when Zheng Shuang gets off work. She, when they get off the bus, the two will also give each other a sweet farewell kiss.

Zheng Shuang has also sent a dynamic and his own fans "Tucao" Zhang Heng's way of going to the toilet is too "mother", Although he was disgusted on the surface, Zheng Shuang is actually showing off his sweetness in Zhang Heng’s love. He seems to be quietly maintaining Zhang Heng and breaking the attitude of Zhang Heng.

When two people were waiting in the car, she was photographed and chatting with Zhang Heng while giving Zhang Constantly erased the things on the face, the two talked and laughed, sweet interaction, just like the usual couple.

After the company opened, Zheng Shuang first sunk himself on the trumpet and gave it to himself. The company designed the photo of the logo pattern. In the picture, she seems to be immersed in painting and carefully designing.

After Zhang Heng issued a denial of "soft meal", Zheng Shuang is still hiring for his company. In the content, with the words "about us", once again firmly and Zhang Heng stood in a line, facing the outside world.

From the beginning of love, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng did not hide the intimate interaction, and now she takes the two seriously The company, Zhang Junyong dare to support, her support and encouragement to Zhang Heng may have been unaffected by rumors.