Du Haitao said 12 words to Shen Mengchen in the program. Netizen: I am getting married.

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Du Haitao said 12 words to Shen Mengchen in the program. Netizen: I am getting married.

2018-12-27 20:25:04 1564 ℃
Shen Mengchen Du Haitao, a couple of lovers in the entertainment circle, has been together for a short time. Haitao’s mother has not only rushed to marry two people on the show, but also secretly shouted that Du Haitao was getting married soon enough to hug her grandson.

The host squats in order to get a good color, this pair is printed with "a good son, a blessing" The shoes are left to Haitao’s wife.

I didn’t expect Du Haitao to listen and stand up and say "Shen Mengchen, you listen." Wow, I responded so positively. Can't help but let the netizens speculate that the two are close to the good thing?

Otherwise, the official news is coming. Recently, in the "Mars Intelligence Bureau" Du Haitao incarnation of "Du Jinxi", through the VCR to send a blessing to Shen Mengchen, said "2019, I wish you an early birth, a year to hold two, happy wedding!" Oh my mother, a few words are huge! I thought that Du Haitao would only say some regular blessings, after all, live. Unexpectedly, the blessings he spoke were more than one heavy, and finally the "new happy marriage" ended. This words were clear from his mouth, which is about equal to the public proposal!

The Shen Mengchen under the stage received a blessing, and his smile was bright and his face was a happy and unbelievable look, like the first reaction of a girl being asked to marry. Obviously, she was surprised by Du Haitao’s “blessing”.

Because they never bother to fall in love, one person who participates in the program is often cue, a period The Mars Intelligence Bureau Cai Kangyong directly asked Shen Mengchen: Is it still with Du Haitao? Hahaha, it’s a shame, I’m really dare to ask.

I didn't expect Shen Mengchen to dare to answer, just say when you please drink. Hahaha, the two people are not only together, but also have a good relationship.

Users watched the video and shouted that two people were so sweet and understood each other's wishes. Now that this is the case, it is estimated that two people should get married. I will put it on the agenda. If there is no accident, Du Haitao will also plan a romantic marriage proposal for Shen Mengchen. We will wait and see.