Liu Weiwei's divorce debut: walking alone barely revealing a smile, refusing to answer the divorce truth

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Liu Weiwei's divorce debut: walking alone barely revealing a smile, refusing to answer the divorce truth

2018-12-28 10:25:00 402 ℃

The most popular news of the recent period was that Liu Weiwei and Yang Mi were divorced. They chose to announce the divorce in the winter solstice. It is reported that the time of divorce is also specially chosen during this time period, in order to allow her daughter Xiaomi to not be chased by reporters. Since the announcement of the divorce news, this couple has rarely appeared, and Yang Mi has been photographed by the media for his work. As for Liu Weiwei, he stayed at home during this time, so he was not photographed by reporters, but the reporter finally photographed it recently. His figure found that he was a little lonely when he was shopping alone. He met the reporter and barely smiled and said hello, but refused to answer the truth about the divorce.

After the announcement of the divorce, Liu Weiwei did not show up for a while, but his father Liu Dan said that he went home during the winter solstice. I have eaten, so it is certain that Liu Weiwei is currently in Hong Kong. Then the powerful reporter finally photographed Liu Weiwei. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a reporter met him at Lee Garden in Causeway Bay. At that time, Liu Weiwei wrapped his hat and mask tightly. It seemed that he did not want to be recognized. He also carried a white bag. He went to a coffee shop and wanted to buy a drink, but he didn't buy it at the end.

Then he lowered his head and put his hands in his trouser pockets to quickly take the escalator away. From here, you can see that Liu Weiwei deliberately pressed the cap down very low, obviously not wanting others to recognize it.

But the powerful reporter still recognized the star. When Liu Weiwei was ready to take the elevator to the parking lot, the reporter went on. Say hello and take pictures. Liu Weiwei suddenly saw that the reporter was a little overwhelmed, but he quickly calmed down and smiled at the reporter. He said that he had just gone to the coffee shop because he was buying a gift, but he was stunned by the truth about the divorce, and finally he was very polite. The reporter said goodbye.

Now look at the photos of their loved ones and find that they are a bit embarrassing. For the divorce of the two, it is difficult for outsiders to know what the truth is, but we can know that they are considering the privacy of their daughter Xiaomi, and they have considered it for a long time before they are announced. I hope that you will also have enough space for them to handle their own affairs, and do not harass their daughter Xiaomi.

Even if they are divorced, they will still love Xiaomi, and Liu Weiwei, who is a father, has been more than before. I was photographed to pick up my daughter to go to school. There should be more in the future, and I hope that this child can have a healthy environment to grow.