Wang Lihong and his wife held the ugliest sweaters and showed them to Zuojia.

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Wang Lihong and his wife held the ugliest sweaters and showed them to Zuojia.

2018-12-28 10:25:05 468 ℃

Christmas, a traditional Western festival. Under the influence of merchants and celebrities, many people have started the foreign holidays. Of course, the meaning of the festival is good, and the festival means the reunion of the whole family, or the gathering of friends and family. Everyone is exhausted, and it is hard to have a suitable day for a group of like-minded friends to sit down and chat.

When Wang Lihong married his wife Li Yulei, the days became poetry. Li Yulei not only has a high degree of education, but also a woman with a very ceremonial feeling. She will bake at home and hold various parties. Li Yanlei will give a theme to each gathering. This time, Wang Lihong and his wife held the ugliest sweater, which means that the friends present will wear the sweater they think is the ugliest. Wang Lihong's couples were excellent. They invited Lin Zhiying's wife, Chen Ruoyi, Xiang Zuo, Jia Jingwen, Su Youpeng, Fan Qiqi and other stars.

I didn’t expect the Wang Lihong couple to have a close relationship with the Huaqiang family. I believe that many people have seen the variety show reality show that Mr. and his mother have participated in recently. In the program, there are countless tossing the mother and the mother, and the privately-owned Xiang Zuo is also a big warm man. My mother knows too well and loves her son, and her mother-son relationship is very harmonious and enviable.

Lin Zhiying's wife Chen Ruoyi combed a high horsetail, leaving Qi Liuhai, hair style is good for age. Sure enough, it is a supermodel, even the mother of three children, still like a girl, a strong sense of fashion. Chen Ruoyi and Jia Jingwen are in the same box. Although Jia Jingwen is older, she has not lost to Chen Ruoyi. Married to the people, it is not the same, and the whole body is full of happiness.

Since Jia Jingwen attended the party, then Mr. Jie Jie will definitely attend. Xiu Jie is wearing the green sweater he thinks is the ugliest, and it’s not ugly to say that the sweater worn by Xi Jie is not ugly, okay? Sitting in the middle of Yang Jinhua is actually a face, she is also very happy recently. The most unexpected thing is that Jia Jingwen Su Youpeng is rare.

Su Youpeng wearing a green sweater with red sweatpants, actually looks pretty stylish. If the value is high, everything is correct. Say our tiger, you are wearing a sweater, not a sweater, ok? Jia Jingwen also ridiculed her and Su Youpeng's sweater is not ugly. Jia Jingwen said: Wuzhi brother is still so handsome. Is it a wave of memories?

In 2003, "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" starring Su Youpeng, Gao Yuanyuan and Jia Jingwen was really impressive. The play is pure natural beauty. How many people in the past hoped that Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min in the drama could come to reality? This pair is really a series of life years, I believe that many of these classics have been seen since the 80s and 90s.

The current Su Youpeng is 43 years old and still shows no signs of getting older. In contrast, Jia Jingwen seems to be getting old. After all, Jia Jingwen has given birth to three children, but our tigers have some frozen ages. What do you think?