Sun Hao wants to go to the crew to see her husband, wait for her mother to go, let her video just fine, super brother wants to cry

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Sun Hao wants to go to the crew to see her husband, wait for her mother to go, let her video just fine, super brother wants to cry

2018-12-28 10:25:10 388 ℃

For an actor family like Deng Chao, how to find a balance between a caring career and accompanying children is a technical job. The good news is that the couple have done a good job in the past few years, and so on, and Xiaohua’s sister is also growing up happily. In fact, the reason why it is so harmonious, and so on and "smart" of Xiaohua is also a considerable component.

On December 27th, Deng Chao once again released his personal news (this update frequency should be maintained!), shared and so on to "love".

The picture content is the chat history of Sun Wei and Chao Ge.

First, the goddess burst into laughter: Hahaha! Then explained that he came to the crew to see Deng Chao.

The result is that the son and so on, ask the mother not to go, the video will be fine.

Then there is another burst of laughter, which is the first and last echo! Only Deng Chao was hiding and crying. The phrase "I want to cry" expressed the "touch" at this time.

There is a big drop today, the north wind blows, and the big night is not frozen! Waiting for the small head of the seeds is very smart, and use the Internet reasonably to achieve the purpose of visiting Dad. Perhaps, one day, I will understand the difference between seeing and seeing with my own eyes.

There was Deng Chao’s self-directed self-playing hot review. "Let me be quiet", I always feel that my super brother who is still a good son is hit by reality, stay in the corner and reflect.

The netizen applied the online template and said: "Sun Hao: 'Wait, I want to see your father.', etc.: 'No, you don't want to.'", the mouth was caught The expression of the little girl’s expression comes to mind, not too image.

There is still a love story that the boat can't understand. After the netizens boasted a wave and so on, Super Brother asked: Are you real? , reply with "I am yours." Although I don't know what they are saying, I feel so kind.

Super brother's favorite sun is the children's love for him. Not long ago, the voice sent by Xiaohua's sister was sent to him. The lines between the lines are all the confession of Xiaohua's sister. This time, Super Brother is really moved to cry.

But the fans who are still doing things say that they envy the two mobile phones of Super Brother, the meaning of the words means super Brother self-directed. It turns out that the dynamics of Super Brother is a kind of fun. It is a pleasure to see the interaction between Super Brother and fans. Super brother's dynamic is really fun!

The fans who have been paying attention to Super Brother sighed: Sure enough, the daughter is a little lover of Dad. It is not too true to explain "same sex". Someone took out the photo of the year and said something: Super brother, do you still remember how to treat it in the past, and so on?

Wait: In the future, contact the drift bottle.

Although the current situation seems to be a bit capricious, when he grows up, he may understand the old father. A bit of pain.