Chen Shaoxia feeds 800 million rich husbands to eat Chinese medicine and finally succeeds in pregnancy in March. The man has 61 years old and has a grandson.

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Chen Shaoxia feeds 800 million rich husbands to eat Chinese medicine and finally succeeds in pregnancy in March. The man has 61 years old and has a grandson.

2018-12-29 18:32:41 460 ℃

Chen Shaoxia, 42 years old, and Li Wenhui, 61, got married in 2016. At the time, the two had said at the wedding that they hoped to have children and two daughters. They both had two daughters. They wanted their children to be married and married. Need to work hard to build people.

In fact, both of them are "old age", and having children has certain risks for them, but Chen Shaoxia is still active. Pregnancy, often using traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the body for the husband, the two also often travel abroad to create people to increase the success rate.

Hong Kong media reported that a few years ago, Chen Shaoxia had a Chinese medicine program on TV and had visited many Chinese medicine practitioners. Therefore, she had a certain understanding of Chinese medicine. After she got married, she adjusted her body for her husband, even Li Wenhui’s "three." "High" is also her conditioning with Chinese medicine.

According to Hong Kong media reports, 61-year-old Li Wenhui was very powerful and finally succeeded with Chen Shaoxia. The woman was pregnant for three months. .

A few days ago, Li Wenhui held a Ferrari sports car event and saw Chen Shaoxia, who had a big belly, and her husband, she was wearing a purple dress. The abdomen is slightly convex and the legs are edema. At first glance, it is pregnant.

The whole process, Li Wenhui followed Chen Shaoxia, and many friends sent blessings during the period. Chen Shaoxia looked very Happy.

Early, Li Wenhui and Chen Shaoxia attended the event. Chen Shaoxia was wearing a cheongsam cheongsam. The face was fat and the abdomen was very prominent. It is doubtful that she is pregnant.

The media interviewed Chen Shaoxia on the phone in order to verify the third child. When she answered the reporter, she first silenced. After a few seconds, I said, "Sorry, I can't answer you, I am in a meeting now." Then I hung up.

The media speculation may be due to the age of the mother, and extra care is required. For safety reasons, it will not be disclosed if it is not completely stable.

In addition, Chen Shaoxia’s friend Li Yanshan heard that they were pregnant with the third child’s news and expressed blessings. She said Chen Shaoxia I have always liked children very much, and now I know a good husband, and I am happy with her baby’s wish.

Chen Shaoxia is very tortuous in the emotional road, experienced divorce and ex-husband passed away, met the current husband in the most difficult time of life Li Wenhui, the second spring of life, is now very happy with the baby.

However, Li Wenhui and his ex-wife gave birth to two daughters, one of whom has children, some time ago, Hong Kong media shoot When Li Wenhui went out to eat with his grandson, Chen Shaoxia also accompanied him to help him take care of his grandson. If Chen Shaoxia gave birth to a third child, is this child smaller than Li Wenhui's grandson?