Andy Lau’s concert organizer responded that the refund will be announced as soon as possible, and the purchase of the scalper ticket is miserable.

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Andy Lau’s concert organizer responded that the refund will be announced as soon as possible, and the purchase of the scalper ticket is miserable.

2018-12-29 18:32:54 530 ℃

Last night was the 14th concert of Andy Lau’s 20 concerts in the Red Pavilion. He sang three songs. Andy Lau suddenly announced that because of the sore throat, the doctor suggested that he could not sing again. Andy Lau burst into tears. Ten degrees, I am sorry for the fans and the audience watching the concert. On the night, there were stars such as Li Jian and Hu Xinger watching the audience. Andy Lau’s wife Zhu Liqian and her daughter Liu Xiangyu also watched the stage. The first family members came to cheer. It seems that Andy Lau’s body is indeed unwell, and his family is worried about appearing again at the concert.

The Red Pavilion concert has been sung 14 times since December 15 and there are still 6 plans for 20 games. In the field, the estimated tickets for the next six games have also been sold. Andy Lau is also Taigang, and the continuous singing in his twenties can't stand it, not to mention the 57-year-old.

A lot of netizens think that Andy Lau sang three songs to stop singing, this situation should not be hard, should be notified in advance Refunds, also said that Jacky Cheung also had a similar situation when he opened a concert in 2007, all of which announced the refund in advance.

Taiwan media reports, Andy Lau’s concert organizer responded that it will announce the follow-up arrangements and refunds as soon as possible, and also responded Liu Dehua did not have a cold symptoms in the near future. His Taiwanese Yingyi Company was asked whether the performances of tomorrow and even the next six games will continue. It is still uncertain that the team is in a meeting to discuss. In fact, the key point is whether Andy Lau’s nephew can be restored. If there is hope for resuming the following singing, if you can’t sing, you may have to refund the ticket. This should be based on the doctor’s advice and then make contingency measures.

The original Andy Lau also wants to apply for the stage of the small dome in Taiwan, according to the rhythm of singing one day off for one day. In 8 games, a total of 14 days were applied. Unexpectedly, the application was re-applied, and the application was re-applied to reduce the number of times. However, the stage of the small dome is very tight, and it may not be until 2020 that the concert will be enjoyed by the little dome.

Andy Lau, if the situation of the scorpion is wrong, the audience who buy the scalper ticket will not be so distressed and expensive. Because the fare of the VIP seats in the front row is very expensive and difficult to buy, some people have bought tickets for the oxen, and other spectators are also looking for oxen to buy tickets. Because they are looking for tickets for oxen, the natural refund cannot be refunded twice. Three hands to buy the audience on hand. However, the concert does not recommend buying a scalper ticket. Can this blame Andy Lau? To blame can only blame yourself.

However, for the audience who bought the concert tickets from the oxen, I don’t know what the organizers will arrange?

There are fans who understand and support Andy Lau, the above fan who bought the No. 1 ticket, and the plane ticket In fact, Andy Lau also planned to open a concert in the Mainland in 2019. The fan seems to be flying to Hong Kong to watch the concert. It is also a ticket for the scalper and a ticket for the hotel. The support for the Bean is not low, but the cost is not low. Are you really love powder, willing to pay willingly?