Zhang Zhilin and his wife, "Zhang's Hand in Hand", were accidentally shopping. As expected, they went to buy Hermès bags.

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Zhang Zhilin and his wife, "Zhang's Hand in Hand", were accidentally shopping. As expected, they went to buy Hermès bags.

2018-12-29 18:32:59 645 ℃

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yuyi have married a loving couple for 17 years and have created a lot of happy stalks, such as "Zhang's Handwork" and "Crazy Buying Yuan Yuyi".

Because the two people were photographed together by the reporter, the two hands will always be tightly held together, and Zhang Zhilin will put Yuan’s hand behind him to form a protective posture. The way to hold hands is called "Zhang's Handwork" by fans.

A reporter once asked Why does Zhang Zhilin like to hold hands like this? He said that this is a natural thing and he is used to it.

In this regard, fans familiar with the couple said that because Yuan Yuyi loves to buy a bag too much, when she is not firmly holding it when she is shopping, she will turn into Hermès to buy a bag.

However, it turns out that no matter whether you hold hands or not, Yuan Yiyi’s bag will still be bought, and many times his husband is willing to offer his hands.

This is not, December On the 28th, some netizens met Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yuyi in the mall to go shopping.

According to the netizen, Yuan Yuyi went straight to Hermes and went to "Hermes loyalty powder".

The netizen also said that Yuan Yuyi did not have makeup, but it was very beautiful. Walking on the street attracted the attention of passers-by.

As you can see from the photo, Zhang Zhilin is dressed in a black body, black from the head to the feet, Yuan Yuyi wearing a white casual jacket, Hermes bag on the shoulder is very eye-catching.

The netizens envy the two people for many years of marriage and still love so much, while Yuan Yuyi is the best advertisement for Hermes.

There are some friends who have made a message to make fun of the two people. The reason why the two small hands are tight is that because Zhang Zhilin is released, Yuan Yuyi will go to buy bags, and some netizens envy them for many years. Shopping in a pose.

In recent years, online It used to be a popular saying: "For a woman, there is nothing that can't be solved by a bag. If there is, then two."

"Buy a pack of madmen" Yuan Yuyi can say this sentence The spokesperson of the words, it is said that her bag can not remember her, so that she is very collapsed, there are media statistics that she spent nearly 20 million yuan on the bag these years.

When "buy the madman" meets "the wife and the madman" Zhang Zhilin, it is even more intensified, and Zhang Zhilin vomits Wife loves to buy a bag, while pulling out the wallet to buy and buy for her. He once imitated the madness of Yuan Yiyi's purchase of the bag on the show. He also yelled "Yuan Yuyi not to buy a bag again!", but turned to give Yuan Yuyi a birthday gift of nearly one million Hermes.

The image of "Family Wife" is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people that he celebrated the wedding anniversary of the two on Weibo this year. He was also asked by the netizen to ask "Buy the package?" The scene is very funny.

In fact, the reason why Zhang Zhilin is so tolerant of Yuan Yiyi’s purchase of bags is because he and Yuan Yuyi are spending money. It can be said that it is half a catty, and he loves to buy something more expensive than Hermes bag, he loves to buy a car!

Zhang Zhilin, who is like a car, is a famous car idiot in Hong Kong with Aaron Kwok and Shen Jiawei. He once said that he is taking it. The moment you get to the car key, you will start thinking about the next new car.

Is this not the same as a bag in Yuan Yuyi's cloakroom? Perhaps the couple's "flowers" are used in the body, so the relationship between the two men from the filming to the marriage for 25 years will last forever.