Guan Xiaoyu wears a skirt in the winter to shape a spicy eye. Netizen: This dress is like a rural marriage.

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Guan Xiaoyu wears a skirt in the winter to shape a spicy eye. Netizen: This dress is like a rural marriage.

2018-12-29 18:33:04 512 ℃

The stylist of Guan Xiaotong is really powerless, mainly because Guan Xiaoyu has recently been discussed by netizens because of the shape.

Yuan Xiaoying participated in an outdoor activity yesterday. There were fans on the scene who took Guan Xiaoyu from the stage. This weather, how to say how many temperatures, Guan Xiaoyu wore a red skirt, a coat and a coat. It was shivering in the cold, and while keeping warm, I told the assistant that it was so cold and cold.

The main thing is that Guan Xiaoying is still wearing a long hair, and there are two small stamps on both sides of the hair. This hairstyle user thinks that Guan Xiaoyu is ready to participate. The wedding banquet, the most important thing is the clothes, the netizen spit out that Guan Xiaotong’s clothes are chosen absolutely!

All know that Guan Xiaoyu’s shoulders are a bit wide. The clothes have shoulder pads and they are not slim. Guan Xiaoyu wears this clothes not only without waist. I also looked at the burly. Everyone said that the clothes were very bad. Some young people should have no energy and look old-fashioned.

A good little girl in her early twenties, who can be tall and beautiful, is folded in the hands of the stylist. It is no wonder that everyone strongly urges Guan Xiaoyu to change the stylist.

The comments in the comments are all too ugly in the style of the spit. They all say that people look good, the clothes don’t appreciate, they criticize the stylists, and they all have the shortcomings of Guan Xiaoyu. It’s revealed that there are netizens who say that this dress is dressed like a rural marriage, a red!

Users are right, the stylist reveals the shortcomings of Guan Xiaoyu every time, a lot of sweetness Style clothes are not suitable for her.

Even the private service can't stand it, I really don't know what her clothing team and modeling team think.

Not only that, Guan Xiaotong also received a lot of funny endorsements, not endorsements, funny, endorsement style, carrying a schoolbag Wearing the flag of the head, really powerless to vomit.

However, when it comes to this dress, it seems that Huang Shengyi is also the representative of the earth in the eyes of everyone. On several occasions, Huang Shengyi has been evaluated by netizens as a rural entrepreneur.

Sometimes it’s not cheap to wear, it’s tens of thousands of things up and down. The style of painting can't bear to look straight, hey, the stylists still give some strength!