Liu Weiwei’s father was happy to go out and asked if Xiaomi missed Yang Mi and said something about his mother-daughter relationship.

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Liu Weiwei’s father was happy to go out and asked if Xiaomi missed Yang Mi and said something about his mother-daughter relationship.

2019-01-04 00:22:35 618 ℃

At the end of 2018, a big melon was ushered in, and Yang Mi Liu Weiwei announced his divorce. Yang Mi Liu Weiwei has been divorced for three years and is now a fact. Although the divorce statement emphasizes that the two parties will raise their children together as a relative after the divorce, Xiaomi is living in Hong Kong and is brought by Liu Weiwei’s father. Therefore, the custody of Xiaomi is becoming The topic of popular controversy.

According to Hong Kong media reports, on January 3, Liu Weiwei’s father Liu Dan drove alone from his residence to Wanchai, and the reporter asked his granddaughter Whether Xiaomi misses her mother Yang Mi, Liu Dan said: "She wants to play!" Asked where Liu Weiwei is, Liu Dan said: "I don't know!" Asked Liu Weiwei what plans, Liu Dan still know nothing: "I don't know what plans he has!" The reporters asked for help and asked if Liu Dan Xiaomi was in class now. Liu Dan did not respond. He only said that he came out to play.

Although Liu Weiwei and Yang Migang divorced, the family has changed, but Liu Dan's overall state is excellent, the spirit is strong, facing reporters' inquiries, smiles are kind. Many families, children and children divorced, as parents are often more difficult than their children, and 75-year-old Liu Dan can face the tragedy of his son's divorce in a good mood, this attitude is admirable.

Yang Mi Liu Weiwei divorced, there is a saying that the gathering is caused by more and more, after the marriage, Yang Mi has been working in the Mainland for a long time. The schedule was very full, and it was rarely photographed to go to Hong Kong to reunite with her family. Liu Weiwei was often photographed to accompany Xiaomi, and the difference in the feelings of the two involved in her daughter was obvious. After the divorce statement was issued, Yang Mi was accused of only 37 days of meeting with her daughter in the past three years. Many media have reported on this. Netizens have criticized Yang Mi for neglecting the family to value the cause too much.

However, Liu Dan is now asked if Xiaomi misses Yang Mi, and his response "she wants to play", Undoubtedly, the netizens will generate too much association, so that netizens think that Xiaomi and his mother Yang Mi are indifferent. After all, most children depend on their mothers when they are young. Once they are separated from their mothers, they will cry and miss, but Xiaomi has no such performance. This mother-daughter relationship is amazing.

Liu Dan’s remarks are unfavorable to Yang Mi, which may be caused by inconsistency. Overall, Liu Dan The former father-in-law has performed quite well. In the face of his son's divorce, Liu Dan was calm. Yang Mi Liu Weiwei has been derailed in these years, Yang Mi was sent out of the track Li Yifeng, Liu Weiwei was pointed out that the rail king gull, although long ago was rumored by the parties, but after the announcement of the divorce, the rumors once again swept the network, when Liu Dan smiled for his son and former The daughter-in-law Yang Mi blamed, denied the third party to intervene, and said with a smile that both of them are fine.

I have to say that Liu Dan is a very intelligent father, calmly responding, calmly doing things, not messing up the children. Always stay kind.