The old photos of Xie Na’s student days were exposed, and the appearance was pure and temperamental, and now it’s almost like two people!

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The old photos of Xie Na’s student days were exposed, and the appearance was pure and temperamental, and now it’s almost like two people!

2019-01-04 00:22:41 1322 ℃

A producer in the circle yesterday took out the old photos of Xie Na’s student period. In the photo, Xie Na combed her costumes and wore modern clothes, showing a green smile and a very pure appearance. Everyone knows that she started in her teens. Run the dragon set filming, because these years have been active on the stage with the image of comedy coffee, everyone did not consciously ignore her beauty, see these two old photos many netizens said: "I don't think Xie Na was so beautiful when she was young" !

There are many netizens Excited single photo and Zhang Jie looks like, there are super couples, the two are too fate!

Zhang Jie and Xie Na have been together for 12 years, not only longer and more like, every move They all carry the shadow of each other, this should be the tacit understanding between husband and wife!

Before they participated in the variety show "Roman's Romantic Travel", the program group also put together their childhood photos together. There are many netizens who praised the two as a husband and wife!

Xie Na not only looks a little like Zhang Jie, she looks very similar to Gong Li when she was young, she is on the show I said that at that time, she looked at the mirror and felt that she was very similar to Gong Li. She decided to become an actor to run the dragon jacket. She took the performance department of Sichuan Normal University. She had a black and white photo of her youth when she was in Weibo. The shadow of Gong Li!

At that time, she always targeted Gong Li and wanted to be an actor like her. When the host was a harmonious star, the works that were performed later were also labeled as bad films. Since then, Xie Na has rarely appeared in the works!

But she co-operated with Sun Wei in the TV series "A Pair of Embroidered Shoes" in 2003, which left many audiences. In the shadow of childhood, Xie Na’s acting in the play completely slammed Sun Hao!

After many years, Xie Na once again saw the footage of this TV series on the Internet and shouted that it was the shadow of the business that was delayed!

In "Happy Camp", she also showed photos of Xie Na’s study at the Academy of Performing Arts. It’s a good temperament, and it’s almost like two people now!

There are fans who have exposed the old photos of Xie Na’s pre-productions, which are gentle, beautiful and beautiful. I can't believe this is really Xie Na, too young and too temperament when I was young!

The temperament with friends is still outstanding, and the dress is also very trendy.

Xie Na debuted earlier, only 37 years old this year, her body looks very well maintained, she gave birth to two daughters. Jumping pretty, Xie Na has repeatedly exposed her old photos of childhood. I don’t know if my daughter looks like a father or a mother. Hahasina looks like Zhang Jie when she was young. It is estimated that the two daughters should be more like Dad!

Finally, if Xie Na has always insisted on being an actor, maybe there will be another film in the film and television circle!