Yu Wenle took a bath with his son, and kissed him with a small hand.

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Yu Wenle took a bath with his son, and kissed him with a small hand.

2019-01-04 00:22:45 623 ℃

A lot of people probably think that taking care of their children is a woman's business. Dad is responsible for playing with them, but in fact, Dad's responsibility is more than that. Maybe Yu Wenle, who just upgraded to his father last year, can Everyone makes a good example.

On January 3, he took a photo of his father and son and wrote a text: Bathing together! It is said that Yu Wenle is too warm, and even personally bathe his son! Liu Shu held his first sight in his arms, closed his eyes, and kissed his son's small head very affectionately. His father loved the shed, and he could feel the love from his father across the screen!

The first sight was born in May last year. Now it’s a little more than half a year old. It’s still very small. The whole person is easily hugged by Dad. It must be safe. . Cody's hair is not a lot, the little head is so cute, and it is so cute to eat your own fingers, not noisy, noisy, it must be very good on weekdays. The most stealth is also Cody's small thick legs and two fleshy feet, which will be very soft when pinched. This scene is really warm and crying!

Yu Wenle has always liked children, since she has her own baby, she has become a super dad. The frequency of drying the baby is much higher than that of my mother. I always confess my son from time to time. I say that I want to go home, I don’t want to work, and I say that I exercised for a while, just to hold my son for some time, and then I feel that my child has grown up. Calling him his best birthday present... Sometimes I wonder if Yu Wenle loves children more than his wife, haha!

Yu Wenle, in addition to helping his son take a shower In addition, he will also feed his son, first sitting in his baby chair, wearing a bib, full of cuteness. Yu Wenle patiently handed the child a good meal. The little guy clung to his father's hand and would be particularly fragrant. The skin color of the father and son formed a sharp contrast, but fortunately, Cody's skin did not have a genetic father.

When Yu Wenle and his wife go out, Yu Wenle is usually responsible for holding the child, sometimes holding, sometimes carrying On the chest, instead of saying that the child is sticking to his father, it is better to say that Yu Wenle can't leave his son in minutes! Although he has a cool tattoo on his body, he can be alone on the outside, but when he returns home to see his son, Liu Shu’s heart is extremely soft and extremely gentle. Yu Wenle gave his son the best companionship!

Yu Wenle will take his son to watch the NBA game together, or take him to the basketball court to watch other people play basketball. I began to cultivate my son’s interest in basketball. This is the rhythm of wanting to play basketball with my son as soon as possible!

Now Uncle’s Daily Life is almost all around the son, there is such a good father who loves himself, it is too early to reincarnate! I like the responsible super dad, six uncles!