Tang Yan showed up at the airport with illness, bowed her head and pretended to be calm.

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Tang Yan showed up at the airport with illness, bowed her head and pretended to be calm.

2019-01-13 09:00:46 470 ℃
On the night of microblog, Tang Yan's pants made fans amazing! Red jacket with a neat pair of pants. Long hair curls slightly to one side. Handsome workplace look, elegant and generous! Among the dresses and skirts, sugar in trousers is also a clear stream!

Compared with gorgeous clothes, for molasses, the body of loving beans may be more important. The award ceremony is important, but we can't ignore the cold. What's more, Tang Yan had a fever that day. Maybe it's for health reasons that Miss and Sister didn't wear a sexy dress. Indeed, the choice is right Don't know how Tang Yan's health is, so when she appears in front of fans again (January 12), the first concern is whether she is well or not. It seems reassuring to see . Because the sugar you see at first sight is packed tightly.

You can see that she is wearing a thick wool coat at the airport. There are several layers of clothes in it. Look, it's thick. The black cap pressed the hair tightly against the cold wind. The upper body painting style is very winter, but the lower body is not so sincere. A pair of black underpants is all? Even if there is velvet inside, but for a patient, is it a little desperate to take a risk? So the mom fans went online decisively, first of all, they praised their daughter's enthusiasm. Then he carefully told me to treat them equally. You can't hurt your slender, long legs! Wait until summer to see their glory!

The mentality of the old mothers of molasses has never stopped! But when I saw the good mood of loving beans, I was relieved for a short time. Strong > Although wearing sunglasses, it is not difficult to find out that someone should be happy from Tang Yan's occasional bowing head and snickering (though not holding back). The radian of the corner of the mouth raised quietly is "there is no silver in this place, three hundred and two". It's obvious! It is impossible to pretend to be indifferent ~

Not only that, but the jingling on the side is more exaggerated and excessive than that of the boss. Even if the scarf covered most of the mouth and nose, the joy blooming between the eyebrows and eyes, and the appearance of the full apple muscle, it did not properly expose her delight at this time. Did you hear any funny jokes that made them so happy? A little curious! Look at the other staff behind you. Their faces are so expressionless that they're normal! uuuuuuuuuuu Between sugar and tinkling, there must be some hidden secret.

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