Li Yapeng took his daughter to Taiwan. At the age of 12, Li Yan was wearing fashionable clothes and had long legs to grab a mirror.

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Li Yapeng took his daughter to Taiwan. At the age of 12, Li Yan was wearing fashionable clothes and had long legs to grab a mirror.

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Recently, Li Yan and her mother, Wang Fei, went shopping in Hong Kong and got hot search again. This is the second time that Li Yan met her mother and daughter after her operation in August last year. After the operation, Li Yan was calm and confident in front of the camera. Her taste is also keeping up with the trend. She has a trendy brand and a star-like taste.

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January 12, Li Yan was once again met by netizens, accompanied by her father, Wang Fei, but her father, Li Yapeng, who was traveling to Taiwan on the same day. The netizens disclosed that their occasional encounter was near Da S and Wang Xiaofei's hotel. Do you know if there is any connection with Da S? In the photo of

, Li Yan and her father crossed the street side by side. Li Yan's dress was as fashionable as her long legs were very eye-catching. On the contrary, Li Yapeng dressed casually and seemed willing to accompany her daughter. During the period of

Li Yapeng stopped to chat with a girlfriend while Li Yan stood aside to listen. At this time, he could also appreciate Li Yan's fashion sense, put on a loose sweater, choose a large yard size to put two gloves in the inside, and complete the matching of "top wide and bottom tight pants".

"Upper width and lower tightness" is a necessary combination of Hong Kong film goddess, but young Li Yan can not control it temporarily, the upper body effect is somewhat exaggerated.

However, it can be seen from this point that Li Yapeng is very open-minded about her daughter's family education, Li Yapeng retains her daughter's pursuit of personality, while cultivating her talents with high pressure intensity. < p > < p > < p > Li Yan studied painting, calligraphy, music and fashion under her father's tutelage when she was young. Her works for young age have sold to hundreds of thousands. Last year, Li Yan auctioned two-character calligraphy works at the Foundation and finally sold them for 120,000 yuan. Then she announced that she would donate all of them to the Foundation. <





Heart Li Yapeng was sometimes surprised that he was more mature than ordinary children.

Perhaps he realized that he was too conservative. Li Yapeng is now speeding up the entry of his daughter into society. Every three or five times, netizens find the whereabouts of his father and daughter. Li Yapeng will not prevent others from taking photos, which he has done a lot.

In addition, Wang Fei has many friends in Taiwan, most of whom also have acquaintances with Li Yapeng. I wonder if the father and daughter of the trip have an appointment with them, and Li Yan can also learn from them about Wang Fei's glorious past.