Once a primary school hegemony in Wulin's biography, now I am reading a blog in Harvard. Netizens: Play like life!

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Once a primary school hegemony in Wulin's biography, now I am reading a blog in Harvard. Netizens: Play like life!

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< p > < strong > used to be the primary school hegemony in Wulin's biography. Now I am reading a blog in Harvard.

In 2006, a divine drama came into being. Since then, it has become a childhood memory of countless post-90s generations. This play is especially good at using humorous language to narrate profound philosophy of life. Every character in the play has its own shortcomings and advantages, but you will find that you like every character very much, whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role.

The protagonist in the play is very familiar to all of us, and the supporting roles at that time also left a deep impression on the audience. Everyone has their own shining points, whether it is the "wife in strict charge" money counter or "mother tiger" Qian Madam Qian. However, there is another unforgettable role, that is Qiu Xiaodong, the primary school in the play.

Qiu Xiaodong is a child of Qiu's family, who is very wealthy. Qiu Xiaodong is also very eager to learn. He is totally different from Mo Xiaobei's slag attribute. Qiu Xiaodong is a serious scholar and is deeply liked by his husband. He is also very tutoring, polite and deeply liked by the audience. His fight with Beckham adds more vitality to the play and reminds the audience of this innocent boy.

Qiu Xiaodong's actor is Li Leheng, who seldom appears in the public's eyes after filming the play. However, a short time ago, netizens suddenly found Li Leheng's micro-blog, and from the content published by Li Leheng, it can be seen that he has now read his doctorate at Harvard University, and he has really become a scholar. Tyrant. Originally, for so many years, Lee Leheng did not enter the entertainment industry, but has continued to study, and now he has been admitted to Harvard University.

Netizens also found that besides his love of learning, Li Leheng was also interested in racing. He formed a racing team with his friends. Not long ago, his racing team won the championship. It seems that Li Leheng is not only good at learning, but also good at playing. He should be a legendary "high-playing scholar" with many nets. Friends of Li Leheng know the status quo, can not help but leave a message on the Internet: "Play in the hegemony has become an extra-theatrical hegemony, is really like life ah!"


As Qiu Xiaodong's death party, MoXiaobei certainly does not want to lag behind. Wang Shasha, MoXiaobei's actor, was admitted to Shanghai Theatre College in 2011. In line with Qiu Xiaodong's idea, Wang Shasha once said that she should focus on her studies and study at school for several years. Even after all the contracts were cancelled, Wang Shasha graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy with a master's degree last year, just like Wang Shasha has become a dominant scholar.

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In fact, there is also a university hegemony in The Biography of Wulin, which is Yu Entai, the actor of Lu Xiucai. Our scholar is really a "scholar". Yu Entai is a doctor of the Central Academy of Drama. He quit the entertainment circle temporarily in order to get a doctor. Because Yu Entai's English ability is very good, all his English lines in "Biography of Wulin" at that time were spoken by himself. He recites very fast, hardly needs the director's worry, and his ability is very strong.


Although it has been 13 years, the life of outsiders has not ended, and they are still striving to move forward in their favorite places, no matter children or adults at that time, they have grown up a lot. They will be better and better in the future.