Lin Dao's girlfriend is pregnant with loose clothes and close photos. She also pays attention to the child-rearing blogger. Is Lin Dao going to be a father?

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Lin Dao's girlfriend is pregnant with loose clothes and close photos. She also pays attention to the child-rearing blogger. Is Lin Dao going to be a father?

2019-01-13 09:00:58 432 ℃
Recently, a recent photo uploaded by Lin Rongxin's girlfriend and mainland tender model Zhang Xinyue on the social platform aroused a heated discussion among netizens. Zhang Xinyue in the photo was wearing a loose white sweater. Although the weather is freezing now, Zhang Xinyue, who has always loved beauty, matched a knee-length skirt and showed her beautiful calves decisively. Although she looks good, she also feels cold for her ~

< p > < br > < / P > < p > However, when I opened the comments under this photo of Xinyue, I found that a netizen actually asked Zhang Xinyue,"Are you pregnant?"

Faced with the sudden inquiry from netizens, Zhang Xinyue did not respond as instantly as she imagined, but more like she did not see it at all. In addition, some netizens found that Zhang Xinyue's latest concern under the social platform was a child-rearing blogger with hundreds of thousands of fans. In addition, Zhang Xinyue's loose sweater during the sunshine was unavoidable. People speculate that Zhang Xinyue may be pregnant or pregnant. <<





> The various intimate frameworks between Zhang Xinyue and her boyboyfriend In the meantime, it left a rare legacy. Although they are far apart from each other, this low-key way of showing affection is more reassuring.

Of course, now everything is just a good guess, the specific truth, or to wait for Lin Xiao or Zhang Xinyue to reveal personally, but, in other words, since Zhang Xinyue and Lin Xiao together, it has not been criticized twice, almost from the two people together, there are countless Lin Xiao's. Fans turned their heads and scratched the skin of Zhang Xinyue's identity, calling Zhang Xinyue to climb up to Lin Rong too intentionally.

was attacked by Lin Taowei Fan as expected, but it is surprising that some fans are still attacking Zhang Xinyue on the basis of reasons from last year to now, and the most recent climax was in December 2018, when Hong Kong media photographed Lin Tao and Zhang Xinyue at the airport, and revealed that they were at the airport. They went abroad for 9 days and their feelings steadily moved forward.

Subsequently, when Lin Dao attended the event, she was asked about it and generously acknowledged Zhang Xinyue's girlfriend identity: "I didn't expect the Hong Kong media to be very strong. Now that it was filmed, I would admit think that there were family members besides her. When I travel, I will admit it, but I won't share it on my own initiative. In addition, Lin Xiao also said that "life is very good now, we should concentrate on work", claiming that we have no time to get married. "Men's career is the first, and work is very important to me."

is also due to Lin Xiao's first recognition of Zhang Xinyue's girlfriend status, coupled with Hong Kong media describing the sweet details of their trip, which also makes a large number of Lin Xiao fans unacceptable, so they have to target Zhang Xinyue again. Shortly afterwards, Zhang Xinyue, who was abused excessively, had to announce that she had to withdraw from Weibo one after another. And domestic social platform accounts.

Zhang Xinyue now only publishes dynamics on social platforms with a small number of fans, although the interaction becomes less, it is still a clean one.