Huang Leisun's daughter has achieved great success in her struggle. How proud she is to raise her thumb and look arrogant!

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Huang Leisun's daughter has achieved great success in her struggle. How proud she is to raise her thumb and look arrogant!

2019-01-22 17:02:23 481 ℃
On January 21, Huang Lei, an old father, was still immersed in pride. He shared his daughter's photo late at night and wrote: Complete! Behind it was a Thumb-up gesture, presumably expressing admiration and admiration for her daughter.

Originally, most of them were in Philogo. Huang Lei seldom sunbathes so many pictures at one time in his daily life. This time, he put so many pictures on it all at once, including how many of them are playing Legao, which makes people happy.

Most of the pictures are wearing white T-shirts, and they are studying the instructions very attentively on the desk. Obviously, this project has just begun. Rarely see more braided, this perspective is still so beautiful in the past, serious girls are the most beautiful!

Freezing three feet is not a day's cold, and it will not take a while and a half to complete such a huge project. When spelling to the following level, the more you wear, the more you wear, the more you wear, the less you wear, the more you change.

More meticulous and serious attitude, and her sister tilted her little head, a very understanding look, reach out to point out one or two expressions, this picture is simply not too warm! Both sisters are incredibly envious of der!

Sister's presence or absence will not affect much concentration, so many small parts to be assembled into such a "grand masterpiece" is not easy, so many are very patient and persistent people. This upward attitude is difficult to study well.

So it's not too much to say that many people are talented and versatile. They have mastered painting, piano, stage play and other talents. They have also translated many English books and published them. It's not too much to say that most of them are talented girls.

Huang Lei gave a close-up of the final success of his work. It should be an ancient bazaar, but it does not seem to be generally complex. Don't mention the old father, netizens can't help but think about more praise! When

sits behind more than one person, it forms a contrast. It seems that Lego is bigger!

At this time, she changed a lot of clothes, which shows that it took her a lot of genius to complete. Put out two more hands and raise your thumbs for yourself! More than this time with hair, hairstyle 37 points, instantly has a mature taste, but the smiling face is still a baby face, full of literary and artistic flavor! This is what the immortal face value is, it's too good to see! How many smiles are so warm that they hit the people's hearts directly! uuuuuuuuuu

More photographs are not the kind of frowning slightly wrinkled innocent, looking miserable and pitiful style. People always think that she is under great pressure and living a hard life. In fact, many smiles are more infectious, and she seems more vigorous, more in line with her age.

Laughter is no longer enough to express much inner joy and pride. She also pouts her mouth and wrinkles her five features together, with a proud face. Too many just cried for beauty, and now it's really lovely to cry! uuuuuuuuuuu

netizens also found how many hours of the same expression packages, each one is so hot! The middle one below is just Huang Lei Benlei! It's good to see how cute and resourceful you are back again. Call for wisdom and beauty!

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