Liu Xuan is too beautiful now. Netizens all recognize her as Wanxi.

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Liu Xuan is too beautiful now. Netizens all recognize her as Wanxi.

2019-01-22 17:02:25 706 ℃
Two days ago, Liu Xuan was accused of being very similar to Wanxi because she was involved in a variety show. From the screenshots of netizens, there are some similarities between the two people in this angle:
Even Wanxi and Liu Xuan feel like each other on Weibo@each other, teasing each other that the other is the other's daughter who has been separated for many years: "Mother let you go home for dinner."
is actually the same program. From this point of view, Liu Xuan is somewhat like Zhao Liying when she has short hair. Of course, it may be because the screenshot is a little blurred, but in this way, the little face, the double eyelids, the big sleeping silkworm, and even the look of smiling... It's a bit like Zhao Liying.
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In the past two years, Liu Xuan has become more and more beautiful, and has become more solid as the title of"Xuanmei".

Now she wears sports clothes again, and then she wears sports clothes, obviously the same person, but the beauty is different.
In addition to losing baby fat on the face, the outline becomes more stereoscopic,
is also due to the overall appearance, and the psychological state of the lens has changed - more relaxed and more confident. For example, the two photos she sent out on her wedding day,

Liu Xuan stood beside Jiao, who has been recognized as "Yan Chao Neng Da", and did not lose. Instead, they were complemented by a kind of skillful beauty and Jiao.

However, Liu Xuan, who seems to be a fashionable man, has made many attempts and made many detours in dressing up this road before finally arriving here today. "Br>

< p> stars, who can have no black history? And Liu Xuan's black history in wearing and wearing clothes... It's quite a lot!


Her hairstyle has also undergone a considerable period of evolution. Tanzi remembers that Liu Xuan used to comb a kind of ponytail with a high head for a long time,
p> I don't know whether it was the athletes'habit to tie their hair neatly or whether the stylists' impression of Liu Xuan was fixed and did not want to use their brains seriously, so many of Liu Xuan's early hairstyles were transformed on the basis of the ponytail-the most important thing. Deformation is the operation of lifting the top of the head.

Later, maybe her stylist was used to raising the top of her head again, so even if she did not tie the ponytail, she still kept the honey juice raising.

Fortunately, Liu Xuan soon realized the problem and returned to the most common black length and straightness. At this stage, we can finally get back to the starting point, as long as the makeup is simple and clean, there is no big problem.

But recently, with her hair cut shorter and shorter, the fashion of Liu Xuan's whole person began to rise. At present, this short hairstyle is probably the most successful attempt of all her hairstyles. Many netizens are clamoring for the same hairstyle.

reveals five distinct features, and a little Liu Hai separated from both sides of the forehead can well decorate the sunken temple.

matches the main cosmetics to pursue cleanliness and simplicity, and most of the selected clothes are dry suits matching the current style.

neat short hair, clean makeup, plus her original frank and straightforward personality, the overall style is a perfect match.

Liu Xuan now can be sweet and cool when she wears light makeup,

occasionally drawing a big red lip breathing field can be abruptly two meters, which makes people breathtaking.

Now I can see Liu Xuan again. Her cognitive scale has already completed the transformation from an athlete to an artist. From athletes to artists, I have to say that no one is more successful than Liu Xuan.