Wu Jingyan's acting skills are controversial: can be black but respect the performance

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Wu Jingyan's acting skills are controversial: can be black but respect the performance

2019-01-22 17:02:28 1360 ℃
< p > Last summer's "Yanxi Strategies" can be said to be popular all over China, not only gathered Nie Yuan, Qin Lan, She Shiman and other big cafes, the plot is also climax, the heroine has also changed the image of weakness in the usual language, from the first episode on the way through five hurdles to cut six generals, so that all the people who are critical to her get a box of meals. As the protagonist, Wu Jingyan, even with the drama's overnight popularity, although not a shocking public appearance, but she put the smart, stubborn and calm Wei Liang can be said to deduce vividly and vividly.

ushered in a brand new year in a twinkling of an eye. Recently, the new drama "Hao La Zhuan", which is now working with Wu Jinyan, has also been popular in love with legendary arts, because of the success of "Yanxi Strategy" and the equally anticipated starring lineup, "Hao La Zhuan" has attracted much attention from propaganda to broadcasting.

Even though some plays seem to be very successful from both actors and plots, there are still many troughs unavoidable. Wu Jingyan has been controversial since his popularity, and has been exposed as a big brand, not to mention, and has been questioned in acting skills. In Yanxi, some audiences said that she acted too hard and had a strange mouth. For this reason, Yu Zheng, who praised him very much, has been fighting against her more than once.

recently hit "Hao Lan Zhuan", Wu Jingyan's acting skills were once again boomed, saying that her crying drama not only can not let the audience into the play, but also quite exaggerated. On the evening of Jan. 21, Yu Zheng wrote again to support Wu Jingyan, saying that her acting skills have improved a lot compared with "Yanxi Strategy". Please respect the performance industry.

Yu Zheng also responded to Wu Jingyan's mother who was thrown into the well in the first episode and did not cry, but only howled, saying: "When people encounter such things, they will not cry, because the brain is too late to accept and unwilling to accept such a message, besides howling and resisting, there is no way to respond more."

Finally, Yu Zheng said directly: "I don't care about black Wu Jingyan, but I care that the performance is misinterpreted, Yu Zheng can insult, Hao La Zhuan can be slandered, Wu Jingyan can be blackened, but the performance is not good, this is our last respect for this industry."

In fact, on Jan. 5, Yu Zhengzheng talked about the phenomenon of profession and industry in his microblog, which also showed his pursuit of performance in detail. As soon as the speech was delivered, some netizens questioned Wu Jingyan's acting skills, which was also an unavoidable reply to Zheng: "Wu Jingyan has no lines. Of course, her lines are not comparable to those of the old opera, but the lines behind Sanjin Ying are all like this. How good is it for you to ask a post-90s girl? But it's just a cloud of people!"

The "Three Golden Shadows Queen" mentioned by Yu Zheng has also been reached by Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Xun in China. Zhang Ziyi has never received TV plays, that is, Zhou Xun. For this reason, netizens have also complained for Zhou Xun: "Touch Porcelain Zhou Xun! I wonder if Wu Jingyan dares to say that he is better than Zhou Xun? It's right to say that Zhou Xun crushed Wu Jingyan.

In fact, many people have seen Wu Jingyan's acting skills in this biography of Haolan, which has made great progress, but inevitably there will be some cyber-friends who are very critical. As a scriptwriter, Yu Zheng did not need to see them again. Sometimes, the more explanations he gave, the more people felt that he was changing his way to hype new plays. What do you think of this?