Zhang Ting's luxury house was exposed, a room full of shoes and air garden, netizens: Li Xiangjia lost

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Zhang Ting's luxury house was exposed, a room full of shoes and air garden, netizens: Li Xiangjia lost

2019-01-31 10:25:01 1943 ℃
Recently, Zhang Tingshang's variety show exposed his large mansion in Xuhui District, Shanghai. First of all, this luxury house has been handed down a few years ago. It is said that Lin Ruiyang gave Zhangting his birthday courtesy. At that time, the market value was 1.7 billion yuan. Located on the 19th floor, it is next to Tencent Tower and Mango TV.

This time, the program group visited the door and the pictures were really scary. First of all, the building looks like this.

Stand in front of the floor window, and the Huangpu River has a panoramic view.

Scan the lens at will. Income picture of this living room, everyone tastes a product. Finally, I know what the correct explanation of the four words "noble and compelling" is like. Is there a smell of RMB pouring in? The program group also went to photograph a courtyard cloakroom, accurately speaking, a super shoe cabinet. In, the three walls are all Zhangting's shoes. Most likely, Zhang Ting used a room to hold all her shoes...

Staff members are going to see Zhang Ting's kitchen. Just from the living room to the kitchen, walking along a long aisle, Zhang Tingbian explained, "Many people will lose their way when they first come to my home." Pop, what is the tone of showing off wealth without fear of death?

and finally arrived at the kitchen, looking as if it were normal, but! The size of the kitchen is frightening enough to match the size of a living room. The biggest bright spot of

is Zhangting's aerial garden. The Zhang family lives on the top floor, so the whole garden on the top floor is their home. Look at the expression of the staff member pushing the door into the sky garden. Really, it's hard for anyone to shut their mouth. The picture is so shocking. If you don't know

, you think you have entered a scenic spot in Thailand. Here, you can have afternoon tea, BBQ, mahjong and even walk around. It's too big.

In the stunned staff, Zhang Ting inadvertently mentioned, "Last time Xu E came, he said, this is a good place, next time you can come here for a screenwriting conference." Well, I know you two are like friends. How sweet was Zhang Ting's smile when he was sitting on the river and mountain in


Terrible thing is to walk up a long wooden staircase, my mother, with a level of activity on it. Feel the photographer shooting up below, Zhang Ting and staff gradually away from the back? After

went up, an area was used as a vegetable garden by Zhangting. Celery, corn, radish and so on. Zhang Ting said that the domestic radish is very sweet, wash it and give it to the children directly. As for fertilizer, it is said that it comes from the collective "achievements" of the whole family.

After filming, he returned to the inside of the program and was shocked. Everyone talks a lot. Some people say that Zhang Tingjia is like a palace. Zhang Tingyang chin, silent acceptance. Another guest at the scene of

expressed excitement that he was from Shanghai and knew how powerful Zhang Ting's family was, but he did not say how strong it was. Anyway, the expression was all in silence.

and then sitting opposite Zhangting is Huang Shengyi. Hearing everyone's praise for Zhang Ting's family, Huang Sheng smiled shallowly.

Huang Shengyi's rich picture still remember? To say that the family is like a palace, I'd better vote for Huang Shengyi. After all, if my son wants to ski, he will build a ski resort for him. If he wants to play in an amusement park, he will really build an amusement park family for him. Return to Zhangting. The myths of Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang's prosperity are exaggerated. Not long ago, it was still rumored that the couple are now worth 32.8 billion yuan. This year's year-end award paid employees 10 months'salary. Although I don't know the monthly salary of their employees, I still give them 10 months at a time. How envious. News came out again today that Zhangting Company paid 2.1 billion yuan in taxes alone... All in all, Zhang Tingjia now, but all those with money are counted in units of "billion yuan". As well as friends, it's really good to be a micro-business. In the future, it's better for the micro-business people in the circle of friends.