Gillian has a cold and cough, but Lai Hong Guo is playing outside. Netizens lament that women with previous convictions are difficult.

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Gillian has a cold and cough, but Lai Hong Guo is playing outside. Netizens lament that women with previous convictions are difficult.

2019-01-31 10:25:00 345 ℃
< p > The year is approaching immediately, but Gillian's health is not very good recently. On the one hand, it is necessary to constantly end some of the previous work, on the other hand, we need to take good care of ourselves. At the end of the month, Ajiao wrote that she had caught a cold, claimed to be infected with influenza, and was still taking medicine steadily.

As early as before, she and her good sisters were still attending the activities for work, and she was energetic during the activities, indirectly accompanied by some coughs. Only after enquiring about amusement did she tell the story. She still had a bad cold and sweated faintly, but she was still working.

amusement notes indicate that Aguilla caught a serious cold this time. She took a cold medicine and a recent photo of herself lying in bed. In recent photos, Gillian became more and more beautiful after her marriage, and her eyes were still so charming. It's just that Mr. Lai, who suffers from a cold, is not taking care of him.

Gillian said that when the cold came on, it was really hard. She had to take medicine to sleep because her husband was not around to take care of herself, so she needed to wipe herself even if she wanted to sweat. Of course, Ajiao said that his Mr. Lai had also returned, but because of his work, he flew to Taiwan immediately.

admitted that she was ill and could not be taken care of by her husband, but fortunately, Ajiao herself was very strong, and constantly gave her husband an excuse to say that she would not be infected with him, haha! uuuuuuuuu It can be seen that she loves Mr. Lai very much, but in the eyes of many friends, she is too difficult alone. It is naturally a good thing for her husband to love his work, but the score is also good. My wife has a cold.

and then the media amusement was picked up, in fact, Mr. Lai's work in Taiwan is not very important, that is, to accompany the guests to go out to play and eat together. For a while, many friends were unfair to Ajiao. Mr. Lai went too far to marry for how long. When he learned that his wife had a cold, he should take care of her first. Mr. Lai in the

photo had a good time playing and did not forget to sign V in the camera. With friends, paper drunk lamp fans, but his wife is suffering from a cold and not take care of! It's no wonder that friends will claim that women with previous convictions are difficult. It's really a sweat for Gillian.

netizens comment: Gillian has managed to marry herself out, hoping not to meet a slag man, Mr. Lai, you must remember to be kind to her. Mr. Lai, you should learn to cherish her. Oh, just after getting married, you should take more care of her. Really, besides, she has caught a cold! uuuuuuuuuu You shouldn't go out and play!