Jia Nailiang appeared at the company's annual meeting with a glorious face. Li Xiaolu was not seen during the whole process, which aroused speculation.

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Jia Nailiang appeared at the company's annual meeting with a glorious face. Li Xiaolu was not seen during the whole process, which aroused speculation.

2019-01-31 10:25:00 647 ℃
With the Spring Festival approaching, the annual meetings of major enterprises have been arranged one after another. Just recently, Jia Nailiang's company, Tianjin Tongle Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., also held a lively annual meeting.

Tongle Movie and Television officials today sunk a photo of the annual meeting. Jia Nailiang ranked C among all employees. He dressed smartly in a black suit and held out a hand for 6, which seemed to be in a good mood.

Maybe the company has done well this year. Boss Jia sweeps away the past decadence and the whole person is glowing.

Some people may not know much about Tongle Film and Television. Xiao 8 first introduces this company. In fact, Tongle Film and Television is a film and television entertainment enterprise co-invested by Jia Nailiang and Guo Hongbo in 2016, devoted to star broker, film and television investment and production. After two or three years of development, Tongle Film and Television has invested in shooting many plays, and more and more artists are under its flag, including Li Jiahang, Li Sheng and his wife, Zhang Yuxi and Xing Zhaolin, in addition to Jia Nailiang, the owner of Tongle Film and Television.

of course, including Li Xiaolu.

We can see Li Xiaolu in last year's artist posters posted by Tongle Film and Television Officer.

At present, there are still pictures of Li Xiaolu in the background of the official microblog.

This means that Li Xiaolu is still an artist under Tongle Film and Television, but this annual meeting photo is not visible.

Tongle Film and Television Officer Wei also released the opening video of the year-end Festival today, including the excellent performances of its artists in film and television dramas over the past year, but Xiao 8 never saw Li Xiaolu's footage.

But also, influenced by the "night dormitory" incident, Li Xiaolu probably didn't shoot anything last year, did he? Xiaolu Li did not show up at the annual meeting held by Tongle Film and Television in February last year. Jia Nailiang had a heavy heart. After

it seems that Li Xiaolu was indeed much lower-key than before after the "night gate" incident. It is not unusual for Li Xiaolu not to attend the annual meeting. After all, after the accident, she has hardly ever been in the same frame with Jia Nailiang. Even for her sweet birthday, they have not gathered together to celebrate their children's birthday.

Jia Nailiang did not have the high-profile of celebrating her sweet birthday and sunning a family of three intimate photos. Li Xiaolu only shared the song "Baby" on Weibo that day.

Sweet went out and was photographed. There was only father or mother beside him. No passer-by or paparazzi could catch a picture of a family of three in the same frame.

Even Jia Nailiang voiced on Weibo that he had a good life by himself and that there could be many interpretations of the three words "a person". Many netizens regarded Jia Nailiang's statement as a default divorce. Xiaolu Li didn't attend the annual meeting. Xiaolu Xiao-8 thought it was normal, but Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang were also part of the same company. Would there be some interest relationship between them more or less?

But no matter whether they are divorced or not, Xiao 8 hopes that Jia Nailiang can forget her past unhappiness and grow up healthily and happily.

By the way, the theme of this year's annual children's music film and television conference is quite interesting --"I hope love is beautiful as before", I wonder if it is the theme that Jia Boss wants?

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