Really pregnant? A full shutdown? Official propaganda has not yet picked a good day, the studio helps to cover up

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Really pregnant? A full shutdown? Official propaganda has not yet picked a good day, the studio helps to cover up

2019-01-31 10:25:11 551 ℃
< p > < br > < strong > Gao Yuanyuan is pregnant?!

Recently, several explosions have pointed to high-round pregnancy. Firstly, there is a well-known amusement story that a temperamental actress named was supposed to announce pregnancy.

But because the paparazzi has photographed the love affairs of actors who have worked with her will also be announced recently, she does not want to steal the limelight of others, so she is choosing the day.

Judging from the two clues of ABB and temperamental female stars, the high circle and the round circle all fit well. But judging Gao Yuanyuan is a little too arbitrary.

However, it can be concluded that this temperamental actress is round or the following names of the explosives.

Some netizens directly reported that Gao Yuanyuan would announce the news of pregnancy soon, and that Zhuo Wei had shot the male and female hosts of last year's co-op TV series. This news coincides with the above news.

and multiple marketing numbers follow the trend of forwarding, it seems that the message is not empty.

In addition, in December last year, netizens said on the social platform that they met Gao Yuanyuan in obstetrics and Gynecology Department of hospital for obstetrics and Gynecology examination.

Shortly after the netizens'revelation, there were also media reports that they had received news of Gao Yuanyuan's pregnancy from people who knew it and said that the reason why was not published was that it had not been three months. During the period of

, there were also media pictures that high roundness had always been plain, round face and loose dress.

and Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan were photographed at the airport the other day. They were joking and joking. Gao Yuanyuan's dress was really relaxed.

According to our experience of eating melons pregnant by many female stars, the first step of pregnancy must start with loose clothes.

and it is doubtful to think carefully about Gao Yuanyuan's recent whereabouts. Since October last year, he has not appeared much. Even micro-blog has not updated his recent situation synchronously, let alone related photos.

Studio is not helping to publicize the next work, on the contrary, there is a sense of idleness to find Gao Yuanyuan's related news online to dispel rumors.

Of course, the most incomprehensible thing is that Gao Yuanyuan did not attend Jia Jingwen's wedding, only Zhao Youting went alone.

According to her relationship with Jia Jingwen, it's amazing not to be present at such an important occasion in the life of her girlfriend.

Although news reports at that time said that Gao Yuanyuan did not attend Jia Jingwen's wedding because his passport expired, now it seems that this reason is really doubtful.

After all, when a wedding is held, relatives and friends will be notified about one month in advance to attend. Even if the passport expires, Gao Yuanyuan should have enough time to prepare.

So Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant at that time?

If it is true as Amy guessed, it is really to bless the goddess. In 2012, the media exposed that Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting were in love. Two years later, they got their certificates and entered the marriage hall. Straight men could not help shouting about Zhao Youting: Please treat our goddess well.

In fact, Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan have been as sweet as ever. Every time they are photographed, they are very loving everyday.

Hand in hand wherever you go.

Hug when meeting;

Go out to buy things, Zhao Youting carries heavy things.

Five years of marriage, there has never been bad news, which is Zhao Youting's best confession to straight men.

It's just a pity that Gao Yuanyuan and Gao Yuanyuan got pregnant many times after they got married, but each time they were beaten up by the facts. I hope this is really good news. Let's wait for the official to announce it.