On Lin Fengjiao's 66th birthday, Fang Zu-ming wrote in praise of her mother as "Sleeping Beauty".

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On Lin Fengjiao's 66th birthday, Fang Zu-ming wrote in praise of her mother as "Sleeping Beauty".

2019-01-31 10:25:19 1235 ℃

January 30 is the 66th birthday of famous movie star Jackie Chan's wife, Lin Fengjiao. Jackie Chan and her son, Fang Zuming, exposed a picture of his mother, Lin Fengjiao, when she was young, on the social platform, with the accompanying text: "Dear Mommy! Happy birthday! Good health! Thank you for working so hard for so many years, the previous efforts will not be in vain! Today someone saw Happy Birthday! Sleep is so beautiful. "It can be seen that mother and son are deeply in love.

Fang Zuming's photo shows Lin Fengjiao with short shoulder-to-shoulder hair, two Liu Hai rolls on her head and closed eyes. It seems that she is tired of working space and taking a nap with her eyes closed.

I have to say that Lin Fengjiao was really beautiful when she was young, with exquisite facial features and a standard melon-seed face. She was really a standard natural beauty.

Lin Fengjiao was also famous in the film and television circles when she was young. She was the same name as Qin and Han Dynasty, Qin Xianglin and Lin Qingxia, and was once called "Erqin Erlin". After marrying Jackie Chan,

, she chose to give up her screen career and retire. Having given birth to Fang Zuming, he devoted himself to staying at home to take care of his son, and was a good housekeeper. He never allowed Jackie Chan to worry more about his family affairs. It was really a good wife behind Jackie Chan.

Now she is 66 years old, but according to her recent photos, although she is no longer young and beautiful in that year, her charm still exists, and the temperament of Oriental beauty still exists, just more mature and elegant.

Apart from Fang Zuming, the official blog of Chan's Media Publicity Center also sent a micro-blog to celebrate Lin Fengjiao's birthday today.

Jackie Chan had a long history of romance when he was young. Perhaps the most well-known thing is his unresectable entanglement with Wu Qili and Xiaolong daughter Wu Zhuolin.

But Lin Fengjiao was very tolerant and kept silent behind Jackie Chan without complaint.

Jackie Chan has often shown affection with Lin Fengjiao in public in recent years, and there are many photographs of a family of three close to each other. It seems that Jackie Chan has been identified. Knowing that Lin Fengjiao is good, he is determined to accompany Lin Fengjiao through the second half of his life.

In addition to Jackie Chan, her son Fang Zu-ming also does not make Lin Fengjiao worry. Previous cases of Fang Zu-ming drug addiction are boiling, compared with Lin Fengjiao, there are a lot of troubles.

Recently, Fang Zuming and Ke Zhendong were photographed playing in a night club in South Korea, surrounded by beautiful women, which made many netizens very disgusted, and he was photographed to enter and leave the night club many times, so the upsurge and downfall seems to be a long way off.

Anyway, Lin Fengjiao is also a virtuous wife and a gentle mother. She hopes that Fang Zuming can save her mother's dim sum and Jackie Chan can accompany Lin Fengjiao well from now on.