Deng Chaolou, Chen He, Wang Zulanqi, retired from the men? Two Korean League members will succeed

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Deng Chaolou, Chen He, Wang Zulanqi, retired from the men? Two Korean League members will succeed

2019-02-09 09:16:58 947 ℃

Wen/Mao 18

is one of the most representative reality shows in China. Brothers has been on the air for five years since its launch in 2014, and the fever has been high from the first season to the sixth season. Captain Deng Chao, competent Li Chen, female MC Yang Ying, cheetah Zheng Kai and other people constitute a regular team is very popular. Recently, it has been reported that Deng Chao, Wang Zulan, Chen He and Lu Hao will quit running men in the seventh season. Wang Yanlin, Lucas Huang Xuxi and Song Yuqi will take over from several others. The news of

made a public outcry, and male fans expressed incredulity one after another, questioning this was totally rumor, and many fans went to the official blog to leave a message for a statement. No wonder fans reacted so excitedly. In retrospect, whether it was Babel who succeeded Wang Baoqiang in the second season, Luhan who joined in the third season, or Dili Reba who succeeded Yang Ying in the fifth season, it caused a great disturbance at that time. But this time is more serious than previous times, four people "get off" for running men is a big change of blood, more fans do not understand that the legendary succession of the three people are not well known.

Wang Yanlin should be a name that many viewers are not familiar with, but his role you must have seen, with the image of the villain Yuwenhuai in Chu Qiao Zhuan as a familiar one. In the end, because of its amusing variety, fans like it and conquer the audience with "Iron Threshold" and "Northeast Taiwan Opera". However, compared with Deng Chao, Wang Yanlin's position is still slightly inadequate, not to mention his familiarity with Running Man. Wang Yanlin can not be ignored by the audience of Running Man alone. If you want him to be the captain, I'm afraid fans will not accept it easily.

For the other two, Lucas and Song Yuqi, the audience is even more unfamiliar. Both of them are members of Korean Idol Group. Although they are Chinese members, they are not active in China. Lucas Huang Xuxi, 19 years old, was born in Hong Kong, China. He is an artist of South Korea SM Company and a member of the trend group NCT. Strictly speaking, as a former artist of SM, Lu Hao is the predecessor of Huang Xuxi. Although both of them were born for practice, it may take a long time for Huang Xuxi to reach the height of Lu Hao. If he replaces Deer Hao in the position of running man, I believe that hundreds of millions of Deer Hao fans will not agree! Song Yuqi, an 18-year-old member of the Korean Cenozoic Group (G) I-DLE, has not yet gained popularity in China, and Baidu Encyclopedia has little information. Now, the possibility of joining Running Man as a couple should not be great!

As fans say, "Running Man" is the only comprehensive art that many people follow from scratch, without any member, it is incomplete. The two complement each other, and many regular members are also popular through "Running Male". Believe that with this intention, several people will not leave Running Man without warning!

Xiaobian read several people's micro-blogs. On February 8th, when Deng Chao's birthday was celebrated, Lu Hao celebrated his birthday with black light. Several men running in the men's team also sent their blessings one after another, as if they had not been influenced by rumors. Anyway, before there is no official announcement on the program group, let's stop speculating!

Do you want to replace Running Man in the seventh season? Do you think the news of the change is a rumor or something? Please leave your comments in the comments section. <<<

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