Zhai Tianlin was questioned by netizens about his essays, and his company responded that it was an insult to the actors'personality.

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Zhai Tianlin was questioned by netizens about his essays, and his company responded that it was an insult to the actors'personality.

2019-02-09 09:17:08 753 ℃

Zhai Tianlin had a bit of trouble this Spring Festival! The trouble does not lie in his weakness in the sketches he performed with Ge You and Cai Ming on CCTV Spring Night,

but in his doctoral thesis being questioned as being written by others. Some professionals in the industry seem to have analyzed Zhai Tianlin's getting a doctor and some details before and after his postdoctoral studies in detail before saying, "Zhai Tianlin is a part-time non-directional doctoral student, why can he go out to shoot films during his study period?" The person further questioned: "Is Zhai Tianlin a backdoor student, so that he can graduate as a doctor and apply for postdoctoral studies at the same time?"

netizens questioned because Zhai Tianlin recently said in a live broadcast with fans that he did not know what "HowNet" was. As a result, this phrase has aroused "repercussions" among fans, especially among some doctoral students. Zhai Tianlin later explained to himself that it was just a joke he played with his fans while doing live broadcasting. Xu was later said to be bored, but Dr Zhai, who had always been straightforward, was angry, but actually went to the commentary area to respond to fans in person -- "Do I say that 1 + 1 is not equal to 2, and some people believe it?"

Star came down personally, you can see that the star was really "stimulated". Entertainment circle has always been a place set up by sellers, some by virtuous wives and good mothers, some by grassroots inspiration, others by silly and sweet lines, some by high IQ lines. Before Zhai Tianlin participated in Zhang Ziyi's "Birth of an Actor" as a judge, though he had a solid foundation in performing, his popularity was limited.

can make him stand out in the talent-rich entertainment circle quickly. In addition to his good performance in the program "The Birth of the Actor", which won the third place, let more audiences see his strong performance strength and awe for the profession of the actors, at the same time, we quickly found that Zhai Tianlin was the original actor. At present, he is the most educated actor in the entertainment circle, known as Dr. Zhai.

In the past few years, Zhai Tianlin has sunk his thesis title many times on his social platform,

wrote his thesis in the theatre group,

even published the title of his thesis.

At the beginning of January this year, Zhai Tianlin sunned that he had been admitted to postdoctoral studies. It deepens people's impression that Zhai Tianlin is the most educated scholar-tyrant in the entertainment industry.

Faced with netizens'queries, Zhai Tianlin's brokerage company personally declared that Zhai Tianlin did not know "Zhiwang", which was the intention of some unkind netizens to take meanings out of context, especially querying Zhai Tianlin did not know "Zhiwang". How did he graduate? The explanation of the brokerage company is: Zhai Tianlin said this at that time, which was a kind of ridicule to his own writing period, because he thought of the hardship of writing his thesis, so he used the rhetorical tone to make these interactions with netizens in a humorous way. As for why his doctoral dissertation has not been published on HowNet at present, it is because the dissertation of the 2018 Ph. D. degree should be published in full on HowNet in the first half of 2019. Before

, Zhai Tianlin also exposed many pictures of himself earnestly preparing his thesis while filming. But even "this detail" has been questioned by netizens: "Since you are admitting full-time non-directional doctoral students, why can you go out to shoot during the study period"? Zhai Tianlin's brokerage company explained that Zhai Tianlin was a full-time non-directional doctoral student in Beijing Film Academy in 2014. He had completed all his credits in school. Although he was busy in film and television production and participating in variety shows, he spent most of his time outside of his busy work in entertainment circle. Preparing papers for doctoral degree. Sometimes, the tutor of the school will join the group to guide him, providing a lot of help for the creation of the follow-up papers.

It is precisely because Zhai Tianlin accumulated a large number of frontline creative experience in the film and television theatre that he was more conducive to the completion of his later papers. Therefore, those who questioned Zhai Tianlin's essays and academic misconduct are pure malicious slanders. These remarks have caused "personal insult" to Zhai Tianlin himself, totally ignoring his dedicated efforts in theoretical research for so many years. The controversy over Dr Zhai's time in

is temporarily over with the above statement of the brokerage company. However, on the other hand, in the entertainment industry, stars really don't sell anyone easily. If there are real facts, the sellers can add bricks and tiles to their reputation; if the sellers themselves have a weak foundation, the lie will be exposed one day in the morning and evening. The audience now knows Zhai Tianlin not as Dr. Zhai, but as a classic image he created in the field of movies and TV dramas. I hope Zhai Tianlin will continue to bring us more, better and more vivid screen images in the future.