Zhao Wei's Spring Festival self-portrait, big eyes are enviable, but she laughs at herself like a frog!

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Zhao Wei's Spring Festival self-portrait, big eyes are enviable, but she laughs at herself like a frog!

2019-02-09 09:17:13 395 ℃

It's the happiest time of the year around the Spring Festival. Not only can I lie comfortably at home and play with my mobile phone, but also the stars and artists at work have time to lay down their work, accompany their families and do what they are interested in, and then record and share it with you so that the fans can enjoy their eyes.

Yes, Zhao Wei did. On February 8th, when it was about to become the late night of the past, Zhao Wei updated her dynamics and sunned out her own delicacies.

Dynamic, Zhao Wei's enclosure: Holiday is for better work and life, right? At the end of the article, I have not forgotten to add a "LOVE" which pays attention to details. In addition, in addition to three delicacies made by myself and an orange made by Mother Earth, two self-portraits are also presented, which can be said to be very good.

Zhao Wei over 40 is still so energetic and unstable to take a self-portrait, either wearing a blue cotton cap to block her mouth with down clothes, or leaving a bunch of Liu Hai, slapping her mouth and staring at her. It's very strange that she can switch freely between Xiaoyan and Lu Yiping. We dare not recognize that Zhao Wei is still known to us! When you watch alone at night, you may have a frightened companion. So, Goddess, give a normal face!

Zhao Wei sunned a cake, which took a lot of effort and seemed to make her mouth water. For the proprietress of Chinese restaurant, this kind of food should be a piece of cake!

According to the time period of writing, it's a late night poisoning bar, the goddess is good or bad! It says "Happy New Year" on the top. Maybe it's just for wishing the fans. As for the cake, just look at it.

As for this orange, it is quite artistic. A piece of orange is like hugging together and whispering. It's not very impressive with eyes and arms. There's a stray fellow beside it. The eyes and arms are even more wonderful. Zhao Wei is not only a director, but also a childlike director who can find joy in life!

One of the most valuable qualities of a star is probably not to put on airs, not to think highly of himself. In the first few comments, Zhao Wei responded, either explaining what she had done, or seriously commenting on a "hegemonic" in the face of interesting comments from fans.

In addition, when netizens admire their big eyes, they make fun of their eyes like frogs. So far, there have been a group of small eyes crying dizzy in the toilet: I also want to look like a frog with big eyes!

How can such an approachable star not be liked? As Zhao Wei said, holidays are for better work and life. Surely Vivi, who has had enough rest and fun, can create more good works this year! ___________

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