Net in the first-class cabin of the aircraft happened to meet Yang Fang to expose his plain face

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Net in the first-class cabin of the aircraft happened to meet Yang Fang to expose his plain face

2019-02-18 18:31:38 2366 ℃

In China, many people think that only after the Lantern Festival can they have the mind to work. Yang Fang, who started work on the second day of the New Year, has been flying all over the world in recent days. On February 17, some netizens exposed Yang's plain face.

A netizen sitting in the first class cabin secretly took a photo of Yang Fang sitting next door, and wrote: "I am sorry to bother to sign when I meet her by plane." Yang Fang is a plain-looking person, sitting in his seat and playing with his mobile phone, which attracts the attention of many netizens.

netizens praised Yang Fang's "plain face is beautiful", "Sure is a big star" and "her side faces are full of temperament". These photos quickly circulated on the Internet. Not long ago, another netizen met Yang Fang at the airport, but Yang Fang was in a bad state.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Yang Fang was invited to attend New York Fashion Week. It was reported that during her stay at the airport, she was taken to the security room commonly known as "small black house" by customs officers for refusing to remove her mask because of "playing big cards".

Some netizens clarified and restored the incident: Yang Fang did not refuse to take off the mask, just cooperated with the inspection and stayed in the security room. The netizen also disclosed that at first, he did not notice that the person who squatted on the ground to play with his mobile phone was Yang Fang, until the customs officers called her name.

Yang Fang is as inconspicuous as passers-by at the airport customs, but his charm will shine in fashion week. Yang Mi, wearing a spliced coat and nude high-heeled shoes, gives out an alluring smell, which is salt and sweet and charming.

Yang Wei appeared on stage with international supermodel Kendall Jenner and danced with two other speakers. Under the strong music atmosphere, she dances freely, which makes foreign netizens have a big eye-opener.

p>33-year-old Yang Fang announced his divorce in December last year, ending his five-year marriage with Liu Kaiwei, while his daughter, Xiaonuomi, was supported by both of them. Yang previously said that this Spring Festival will concentrate on busy work, but also remember to often go home to see.

In the words of Liu Kaiwei's father Liu Dan, Xiaonuomi has learned a lot of New Year's wording, but only does not know how to greet Yang Fang. Yang Power sacrificed his precious time with his daughter for career development. Is it really worth it?

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