Zheng Jiaying first exposed his son's face and announced that his son was born. Eighth and thirteen lords suspected to have children on the same day!

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Zheng Jiaying first exposed his son's face and announced that his son was born. Eighth and thirteen lords suspected to have children on the same day!

2019-02-18 18:31:48 848 ℃

Zheng Jiaying has been in the circle for decades, it is impossible to keep a bright red and purple color all the time. Nowadays, the fever is not particularly high. Until last August, he and Chen Kailin held a wedding in Bali together, everyone once again paid attention to our eighth father. On Thanksgiving Day, they also released the good news of pregnancy. It is said that the baby was born recently, so basically it can be pushed. It was found that they were married by a son of a follower! __________

img src="/1ydzximg/0LJNFRZkH7"/>img src="/1ydzximg/0LJNFRcO7m"/>img src="/1ydzximg/0LJNFRcO7m"/ Feb. 18, Zheng Jiaying sunned a son's profile and expressed her happiness in Cantonese, which probably means that each parent said her baby was the cutest, I finally understood!

This is the first time Zheng Jiaying has sunned her son's side face. The child was born only a few days ago, and has already started to sunbathe his side face.

Many parents who are new parents dare not hold their babies because they are very soft and always worry that they will hurt their children carelessly. But Zheng Jiaying's baby-holding posture is obviously very skilled, one hand holding the baby's back, one hand holding the back of his head. Father and son look at each other, the picture is very warm and loving.

Although it is only a sideface, but the baby's facial features are visible to the naked eye of the delicate, the little boy stared at his father, do not cry, do not cry, do not make noise, is a strong man right!

According to Hong Kong media reports, Chen Kailin entered the hospital on February 14 to prepare for delivery. Many reporters heard the news and waited for the good news at the hospital gate. The next day, Zheng Jiaying came out happily and was asked whether the child had been born. Zheng Jiaying did not deny it, but said: Thank you for your concern, there is news to be announced with you again.

So we don't know when the baby was born. I feel that today's baby looks so clean and neatly dressed. It should have been born for several days. What a coincidence if the baby was born on Valentine's Day! Because Yuan Hong's son was also born on that day, when he also wrote: "Valentine's Day, Zhang Xinyi gave me a"love enemy"...

netizens commented that Eighth and Thirteenth Fathers loved their son on the same day...

We all know that Zheng Jiaying plays the Eighth Master and Yuan Hong plays the Thirteenth Master in "Step-by-Step Panic". They can be said to be one camp in the play. Now they are almost simultaneously fathers. What's the fate of Zheng Jiaying? And it's still Valentine's Day?

But when was Zheng Jiaying's son born? We don't know yet. We may not speculate until he gives his son a full moon banquet or a hundred-day banquet, or his first birthday. Anyway, the baby's health is enough! I hope both babies can grow up healthily.

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