Zhao Wei's first stage play was not well-known and divorced. She showed up late at night to buy drunk and look sad!

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Zhao Wei's first stage play was not well-known and divorced. She showed up late at night to buy drunk and look sad!

2019-02-18 18:31:48 734 ℃

In recent years, Zhao Wei seems to be quite unhappy. Not only is the entertainment industry at a standstill stage, but investment has also caused economic turmoil. She was banned from entering the market within five years by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Then she was sued by 500 shareholders. Recently, she lost one of the lawsuits, and her company is actively appealing.

In addition to facing this basket, Zhao Wei first appeared in stage drama, and her reputation was not ideal. Described by the media as a "disaster". According to the media comments, we can feel that Zhao Wei has made great efforts to play Catherine well, but perhaps because she was too nervous in her first play, her body has never relaxed and she often drifted between stiffness and bewilderment.

Actually, Zhao Wei's starting stage play is also very much expected by fans, after all, the actress is willing to break through at this stage, which is really worth encouraging. Plus the lineup is very strong, the director is Tian Zhuangzhuang, but the stage play is always Zhao Wei's virgin show. From the screen to the stage, what needs more is the exertion and strength of the scene. It can't be repeated or stopped. It is a test of the actors' skills.

stage play has a bad reputation, Zhao Wei's marriage has been red light, according to media reports, Zhao Wei performed stage play for five days, but no husband Huang Youlong came to the detective class, only accompanied by staff, and even said that there were informed people who reported that two people were separated, resulting in the marriage change.

and Zhao Wei also sunned flowers in INS on Valentine's Day, the card said "Happy Valentine's Day, LOVE." It is regarded as the theory of breaking through marriage. Later, however, media photographs showed Zhao Wei singing with her friends late at night and getting drunk. She was suspiciously depressed all the way, and "black face" could hardly have a smile.

Zhao Wei was photographed to go to KTV Hi Song with friends at 10 o'clock that night. It just didn't show a smile all the way. It looked like a lot of worries. Friends laughed all the way, and Zhao Wei remained calm.

Until she returned home, Zhao Wei did not improve, and her friends did not seem to rest assured of her state, and they followed her back home one by one.

Zhao Wei is facing a lot of problems at present, and whether she and her husband can survive this is also a test. It's just that it's inevitable to make people feel sad. The "little swallow" who brought us happiness in the past has been confronted with negative news one after another.

Zhao Wei was described as "China's female Buffett" at the peak of that year, and now the lawsuit is entangled, people are happy indeed.