Bai Baihe dressed up in a fashionable fashion. His son grabbed the doll. His 11-year-old son was plain and dark.

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Bai Baihe dressed up in a fashionable fashion. His son grabbed the doll. His 11-year-old son was plain and dark.

2019-02-18 18:31:50 3794 ℃

Bai Baihe has been very low-key since he divorced Chen Yufan. Recently, Bai Baihe was met by netizens playing games with her son. Bai Baihe was wearing a blue hat and a white sweater. She was wearing a fashionable dress, and she was wrapped tightly in a mask.

Bai Baihe is still guiding beside his son Yuanbao from time to time. Yuanbao is wearing glasses, dark skin and simple clothes. She is like a sister and brother standing with her mother. Baibaihe seems to be very well maintained at ordinary times. Bai Baihe also took his son to catch the doll. Yuanbao played very hard.

Yuanbao looks very similar to Baibaihe, Yuanbao has big eyebrows and lovely eyes. Although Bai Baihe divorced, her love for Yuanbao did not decrease at all. Netizens often encounter Bai Baihe accompanying his son shopping scenes, she loves his son very much.

Before Baibaihe, because of some negative news, it did not often appear in the public eye. Originally, she had a new film to be released, but it was unexpected that another actor who cooperated with her also made a lot of negative news, and the film was withdrawn.

Baibaihe's acting skills are still recognized by many people. She has won many awards, such as Huahua Award for Excellent Actress, Baihua Award for Best Actress and so on.

Bai Baihe's many TV plays, such as Who Makes the Decision in My Youth, The N-th of Home, and The Rules Before Divorce, have won the audience's favor. Beginning in the theatre circle, Bai Baihe was only a minor supporting role, playing the role of soy sauce. Later, with her efforts, she got many opportunities to play the leading actress.

Baibaibaihe starring in "Growing Up", "Catching the Devil" and "Get Out of the Egg!" Tumor Jun and other movies and TV plays, whether from the studio or ratings, have achieved good results.

Later Bai Baihe participated in the reality show "Crossing Borders Song King", and her voice was recognized by many people. Now Bai Baihe is making "He She" audiovisual program as a producer and host, and the number of listeners in the first day of online is more than 100 million.

Baibaihe has worked very hard, and she has been on the road of acting.