Zhang Xinyi basks in the sunshine of her son sleeping soundly on his body. The baby's fleshy figure is very lovely! _____________

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Zhang Xinyi basks in the sunshine of her son sleeping soundly on his body. The baby's fleshy figure is very lovely! _____________

2019-03-01 15:46:10 4495 ℃

Many celebrity pregnancies give the impression that they have been unloaded successfully before long! But only Zhang Xinyi... The most commented on her online is: Why hasn't she been born yet? Is she pregnant with anything? Is it time to be born? This is the longest pregnant female star I have ever seen!

This year's Valentine's Day, the second sister finally unloaded the cargo successfully. What do you care about, come on! In fact, Yuan Hong, who was very happy in his heart, said with a trace of disgust on his mouth, "Zhang Xinyi has given me a love enemy on Valentine's Day!" The second sister comforted her husband by saying that she would work hard and give birth to a little lover for him. The interaction was so sweet!

in the blink of an eye, the time has passed for half a month, also ushered in March of Yangchun! On March 1, Zhang Xinyi updated the situation and sunned out a picture of herself and her baby in the same frame. The accompanying article said, "March, please be more gentle to us!"

The second sister in the photo is lying in bed, and the baby who was still in the stomach is now lying on the mother's body, which makes people feel the magic of life. Zhang Xinyi was wearing a pink jersey. She looked at the camera plainly and smiled very gently. When she was upgraded to be a mother, she naturally emitted the glory of maternity. Baby wears a hat, wears a wet urine, all over the body, sleeping soundly in her mother's arms, especially peaceful, small hands still holding fists, is always ready to protect her mother?

Warm sunshine shines on both mother and son, especially warm. Not only will March be gentle to you, but I hope that in the years to come, time will be gentle to you!

Parents know their parents'kindness only when they are parents. This is not, Zhang Xinyi has sunned his own mobile phone alarm clock, these are their own milk pumping time, should be the extra milk squeezed out, not including the time for children to cry and drink milk every day, have to get up, want to sleep comfortably for a whole night, does not exist! Even if you have a sister-in-law or a nanny at home, breast milk should be fed by yourself. Yuan Hong blamed himself for this and hated that he could not produce milk and share it with his wife.

Zhang Xinyi also shared the corners of the family, a lot of things about children, looks very cute. A long way to start, looking at the mood is good, tired and happy! ____________ Zhang Xinyi was only 37 years old when she became a mother. It was a long time for her to wait, so she cherished and enjoyed it very much.

img src=" Zhang Xinyi also showed her upper body photo, her abdomen flat, proudly showing that she had recovered super well and deliberately pulled the rhythm of hatred! However, I have to admit that the body is really good after the birth of the baby, and the vigorous appearance is enviable. Although the second sister and the baby don't look so fast, the female star can't fatten the baby, but she did. This must be the result of her long-term fitness!

Good health, then sit down and wait for the good news that the second sister is pregnant with a second child, and be sure to give the thirteenth father a little lover!

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