97 edition of "Tianlong Babu" starring again, Li Ruotong Fan Shaohuang did not change, but Qiao Feng cried!

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97 edition of "Tianlong Babu" starring again, Li Ruotong Fan Shaohuang did not change, but Qiao Feng cried!

2019-03-01 15:46:24 439 ℃

"Trump to Trump" is another classic drama group reunion, this is the 1997 "Tianlong Babu" drama group actors get together variety show, Li Ruotong, Fan Shaohuang's appearance has not changed, but from the video to see Qiao Feng crying.

Ace to Ace is being recorded. The reunion of the 97 edition of Tianlong Eight is really tear-piercing. Years are killing pig knives, but they have been let go, and people's*looks are still hanging little fresh meat.

It can be seen that Chen Haomin, Huang Rihua, Li Ruotong, Fan Shaohuang, Liu Yucui, He Meihao, Li Guolin, Li Hongjie and others are reunited after 22 years. This is a picture that I dare not imagine. After all, most of the actors in that year have retired and lived their own lives.

Although they are no longer young, they still recall that Duan Gong-tzu was the father of four children, Li Ruotong, the goddess sister, is still immortal, and Qiaofeng is still a handsome "Xiao Daxia", full of heroism, good expectation!

This video is really tear-provoking. I want to know what kind of performances Huang Rihua, Li Hongjie and Fan Shaohuang will bring on the stage. It's better to show all kinds of martial arts once and sit and wait for the program to start.

Speaking of Tianlong Babu is also Jinyong's representative work. Recently, Jinyong's representative work has re-emerged from the rivers and lakes, and "Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons" is also popular, which arouses people's memories of the past. However, classics are classics and nobody can surpass them. After 22 years, the 97 edition of Tianlong Babu is still the most classic, and there are many movie and TV versions in the later stage. Unfortunately, it is still very popular to miss Li Ruotong and Chen Haomin's editions. We are looking forward to the broadcasting of "Ace Card and Ace Card".