Will Cai Xukun fans check that the traffic bubble will not become a joke?

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Will Cai Xukun fans check that the traffic bubble will not become a joke?

2019-03-01 15:46:23 414 ℃

Aunt Okra

Editor Dongfang

Entertainment Value Officer Interpretation:

Recently, CCTV News took "the secrets of surprising data" as the topic, and exposed in detail the increasingly widespread traffic data falsification in the entertainment circle in recent years. In the news, many traffic stars are on the list, including Cai Xukun, Zhu Yilong and Yi Shun Qianxi. One stone stirred up thousands of waves. On the one hand, fans criticized the beans and seized the hot search list crazily. On the other hand, people who had been suffering for a long time used the opportunity to criticize traffic falsification. Under all kinds of quarrels and deep-rooted, a 100 million-grade water army built a grey flow empire is slowly revealing its true face of Lushan Mountain.

half an hour to send idols on hot search, has a complete set of control reviews

Many people have felt fear of being criticized by fans on the Internet. < p > < p > < / P > < p > < p > < P style = "text-align: left"> you brush operas or listen to songs before bed, suddenly get to someone's handsome point or talent, in the micro-blog self-talk lamented a sentence: by XXX seconds.

Wake up, always quiet as a stagnant pool of chickens, Weibo has received 80 comments and comments from friends of fans from all over the world. Fans line up to say to you, "Welcome to the pit", "You really have taste". By the way, a series of beautiful looks, Su Yin, singing, dancing, favorite stories such as "You love beans in the future" begin with Yan Value, trapped in talent, loyalty, loyalty and so on. On the Amity of Personality...

of course, this is your comment on a bean praise. Think about it. If you are tucking up or criticizing a traffic star, those big trumpets will swarm up like a robot, and you will have a lot of fighting and various kinds of abuse. Is there a better choice to surrender?

In today's traffic era, fans have taken the initiative to undertake the responsibility of publicizing public relations for Aidou from their early "star-chase" to the present "star-making" process, and the control and evaluation has also emerged as the times require. The so-called control of comment, simply speaking, is controlled by fans, in order to achieve the purpose of purification, fans comment swept the major popular micro-blogs, front-line statements, message hugging, template brushing praise, job black, anti-black and so on are common routines.

This CCTV special news, prompted fans to stage a good play of criticism within half a day, the speed, rhythm and procedure of which is so fast that it can be called a teaching book of criticism. On February 23, CCTV broadcasted a news entitled "Secrets of Amazing Data". In the news, a traffic student was cited as an example, saying that a microblog promoting a new song had been forwarded 100 million times. The total number of microblog users in China is 337 million, which is equivalent to one microblog for every three users.

From the news pictures, it can be seen that the artist is currently the hottest new entrants to play Cai Xukun.

Seeing the mass flow of star data fraud by the state media, the reporter wanted to go online to see everyone's views on this phenomenon, who knows how to point into the hot search of Cai Xukun CCTV, the reporter was shocked!

The original news of CCTV has disappeared, and all over the world are blowing about what public welfare Cai Xukun has done. If he did not watch the news of CCTV in advance, netizens who directly clicked in would probably mistake Cai Xukun for praise by CCTV.

Carefully analyze all the microblogs in this hot search. It is said that only about 10% of Cai Xukun's data fraud has been criticized. The rest are all white-washed in various postures, a large number of uniform marketing numbers brushing the screen, blowing how much he has done for public welfare, even matching maps are surprisingly consistent. The commentary area is also firmly occupied by fans. Everyone sings Cai Xukun's commonweal repeatedly with neat format and pictures, and mobilizes a large number of people to give praise to the top. Such naked criticism is unbridled.

In fact, criticism has a long history in the entertainment industry. Not long ago, because Zhai Tianlin, suspected of fabricating papers, was pushed into the spotlight of public opinion, fans also staged a controllable criticism farce to save Aidou. Countless microblogs regularly praise Zhai Tianlin's blog posts every day, spray each other with negative comments, and make positive comments in their own microblogs, which is the same as Cai Xukun's routine. Before < b > Wu Yifan, PGone and many other traffic stars had negative news, fans would use this way to reverse public opinion and use militarized rhythm to "roll and roll" on the Internet to submerge all kinds of unfavorable comments in the sea of white-wash pastes. When the film "Peach Blossom in Thirty Miles of Sansheng III" was released, Yangyang Fan Lock Fair was in full swing. According to fans'own announcement, there were nearly 70,000 fan locks in the pre-sale stage, and the average percentage of locks in key cities in China was all higher than 60%. Like celebration, they sunk long excel tables of locks, cities, cinemas, dates, performances, number of sheets, and amount of money. They also wrote the official micro-blog of Aite's film. However, fans'behavior of "locking up the theatre for love" has been greatly counterfeited, which directly caused a group of "anti-locking" theatre lines, and triggered public criticism of Yang Yang Yang. False data will eventually be punctured one day, which will also damage the image of artists.

Although accustomed to criticism on the Internet, seriously speaking, this kind of behavior is actually a traffic fraud and word-of-mouth fraud, which breaks the diversity of speech, deliberately presents false traffic and views to the public, and blocks people's real understanding of an idol or an event. Those who wanted to wash their idols white seem to be able to control the direction of public opinion, but most of them may not achieve positive results. Excessive manipulation will arouse public disgust, give a negative impression of "the idol's fans are younger and mentally disabled", and eventually ruin everyone's good opinion of the idol, and make it self-defeating.

The traffic that brushes out always leaves a flaw

From Wu Yifan's publishing to face-beating and being excluded from overseas music lists; to Cai Xukun's criticism by CCTV, the traffic star's data injection has been a stubborn ailment in the entertainment circle, and traffic fraud has long been an open secret of the industry. Buy hot search, buy fans, buy reviews, forwards, points of praise, buy "Topic List" and so on, has become the "standard matching" for the production of flow artists.

Of course, it is normal for some popular stars to have popular works broadcasting or hot events, and the traffic surge occurs, but this data surge is often a linear and smooth process, supported by other surrounding data. In fact, no matter how clever the data fake disguise is, it is impossible to achieve seamless and seamless. Compared with the real data, there will be deviations from the surrounding data. Careful analysis will show the traffic bubble.

Take Wandering Earth"and Wu Jing as examples, the box office and popularity of this film are obvious to all. As the first"10 billion box office man"in the history of Chinese film, Wu Jing has been a popular media during the Spring Festival. Reporters intercepted the microblog data during the Spring Festival of Wu Jing. Even at the hottest time of Wandering Earth, Wu Jing's microblog forwarding volume has been maintained at about 2000 times, which is the highest data forwarded by Wu Jing's microblog.

Assuming 2000 times of forwarding to "1Beijing", we can find that the amount of microblog forwarding of most media and movie stars is not far from that of "1Beijing". The queen of those topics, traffic superstars, forwarding momentum to reach "500 Beijing", breaking through the ceiling of "million +", some even have hundreds of millions of clicks, to micro-blog 337 million users, equivalent to every three users have a flag shouting for the star, the data is too false.

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Look at Cai Xukun, who was criticized by fans again, although Cai Xukun's fans groups are all relaying energetically, and the forwarding volume of fans has also received millions of forwards, which seems to be very powerful, but as long as you look at the "strangers" in the forwarding process. In that column, you can see that the latest forwards are some botnet numbers whose account names are still in the initial state and no avatar is set. These botnets generate a lot of forwards every second. At the same time, some marketing numbers that often forward Cai Xukun's news usually have about 50 microblog forwarding volume, but CCTV news criticism of Cai Xukun only one hour, these marketing numbers are more than 1000 microblog forwarding moments for Cai Xukun's Xidi, more than 20 times the usual forwarding volume. There are a large number of users who have no nickname but only a series of numbers in these forwardings. Although they forgot to fill in their nicknames, the forwarding copy is very uniform.

Therefore, as long as the forwarding data deviates abnormally and there are a large number of "zombie" users among them, and the forwarding content is too neat and the slogan sexual orientation is obvious, the traffic of a star can basically be judged to be seriously counterfeited.

The grey industrial chain created by traffic fraud

In CCTV news, the secret visit to the navy has opened people's eyes. On a platform like Sina Weibo, Navy declares that "buy 400 fans for 10 yuan, or forward 100 designated microblogs," and even can realize the special customization of fans'activity and region. Before Cai Xukun, last year, the "Ziguang Pavilion ditch oil" incident on the microblog hot search list also ripped open a gap in the flow fake industry chain. Although the hot search advertising quotation is amazing, the cost of hot search topics through the operation of the grey industry chain is not high. At that time, the media disclosed that according to the current situation, the cost of hot search topics through the operation of the grey industry chain was not high. Industry quotations, "Ziguang Ge Gully Oil" on the microblog hot search list costs less than 60,000 yuan. And when the entertainment value officer logs on to his official microblog, he receives a large number of private letters of traffic every day. The proliferation of such false data also proves the negligence in the management of microblog.

After the time line of information flow was disrupted, microblogging companies had a view of which posts could appear in higher traffic positions.