Mothers gather! Fang Yuan and Le Jier's "Big Belly" Show

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Mothers gather! Fang Yuan and Le Jier's "Big Belly" Show

2019-03-01 15:46:23 358 ℃

On February 28, Fangyuan, who was six months pregnant, participated in an activity without Guo Fucheng. Fangyuan shared photos of the activity in the early morning of the next day. In the photo, Fangyuan was dressed in light color, and her limbs were still slender and in good shape.

Fang Yuan, a model of origin, knows the mystery of the photographic angle. Most of the six pictures she shares are positive pictures, in which Fang Yuan's belly is big and round, but she does not feel bloated at all, and the sharp jaw still has a stunning effect.

There are also actresses with Liang Luoshi. Liang Luoshi is one year younger than Fangyuan. She looks more tender. Liang Luoshi's modelling is neutral, while Fangyuan takes a girl's route. Therefore, there will be differences between the two actresses on the mirror.

is just that pregnant women will inevitably have some problems. Le Kee gains a lot of weight in early pregnancy. Recently, because of family-inherited gestational diabetes mellitus, her weight drops by 5.4 kg, and diet switching in a short period of time, so Le Kee's body weight may continue to decline during this period.

On the same day, there were also actresses showing up with pregnant bellies. The two pregnant mothers met with each other, feeling that Le Jier was actually not particularly fat. Maybe everyone was used to "bone sensory flow". For this kind of slightly fat actress, she would not be able to adapt for a while.

In addition, Ren Dahua's wife Qiqi and Chen Yixun's wife Xu Hao are all present. In the past, the clothing of Xu Hao-lingering has improved a lot, but there are still some gaps compared with Liang Luoshi. <<




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