Feel how beautiful Zhou Haimei was when she was young. No wonder she was the most beautiful Zhou Zhiruo.

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Feel how beautiful Zhou Haimei was when she was young. No wonder she was the most beautiful Zhou Zhiruo.

2019-03-01 15:46:29 1318 ℃

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said that many of the netizens were tucking up because they played "sweet honey like ashes". The most important thing is her acting skills. In addition to staring at her eyes, she is all kinds of exaggeration in the play. In fact, Zhou Haimei was young, and her face and acting skills were very online. Especially her new edition Zhou Zhiruo, can be said to be the most beautiful version. In the play, she smiles smartly and looks forward to beauty. She is magnificent and graceful. She is as quiet and leisurely as a beautiful woman in the picture. img src="/1ydzximg/0LOVk6PWuW"/>img src="/1ydzximg/0LOVk6OHcJ"/>

Her Zhou Yunruo has a clear and beautiful appearance and is always unforgettable. Now Haimei is 52 years old this week. She played the extinct master in the new edition of Slaughter the Dragon by Heaven. Many netizens are lamenting the ruthless years, the goddess of that year is also late. Zhou Haimei is also very beautiful in this work. She's 52 years old, and it's good to be so beautiful and well maintained. In "Sweet and Sweet as Frost", her reputation declined because of her role and acting skills.

p> If she is younger, her face value is the highest in this work. For three consecutive years, she was named "the most popular actress in Hong Kong, the goddess in the eyes of countless audiences". Zhou Zhiruo, in the new edition of "Relying on Heaven and Slaughtering Dragons", is beautiful but not as good as her version when she was young. Of course, Zhou Zhiruo, a high circular version, is also a very beautiful version.

Her version is gentle and moving, fresh and free from vulgarity is also very popular. Previous versions are already classic. In the new edition, I still feel worse than the old one. Zhou Haimei's version is still very popular, but many netizens are too irrational. In "Sweet honey sinks like frost", because the latter corner of the day was criticized by everyone to the microblog. In fact, her acting skills are not very exaggerated, but the role of positioning people do not like it, why too deep into the play.

I wonder which version you like best?

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