Half of the assets donated are up to 8-digit RMB? Lin Zhiling's fame

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Half of the assets donated are up to 8-digit RMB? Lin Zhiling's fame

2019-04-01 11:23:50 3874 ℃

According to Taiwanese media reports, Lin Zhiling went to Hong Kong to attend the opening of the new store as an advertising agent. She not only showcased her career and long legs, but also played a question-and-answer game with the audience. When interviewed, she said she returned to Taiwan after a short stay in Hong Kong for two days and one night. Recently, she was busy with public welfare activities, focusing on children suffering from heart disease and rare diseases in the mountainous areas of the Mainland. She said that she has spent 8 digits of RMB to help children so far. Acknowledging that the number is almost half of his own property, he shyly said, "Half of it, I am embarrassed to answer the question of numbers."

Lin Zhiling said that 10 dormitories have been built in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Nanjing and Ningxia in her personal name. The goal is to increase the number of dormitories by 2 to 4. She hopes that children can receive education after surgery. It is a kind of happiness to see that sick children can change their lives. But will you cry when you see sick children? She said, "It's impossible to cry when meeting children. Let them see me happy and know that life can be happy."

was asked about emotional life again. Lin Zhiling thought that entertainment circles might give the outside world a complex impression, so boys were afraid to approach, but she stressed: "I am very simple." But she also believes that there are different stages of life, "in the past, busy pursuing career, to a certain stage of stability, now want to strive to give back to society, bring out positive energy."

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