Yao Chen and the director had a cup of wine and Ni Dahong was more popular than others.

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Yao Chen and the director had a cup of wine and Ni Dahong was more popular than others.

2019-04-01 11:23:50 1110 ℃

"All Right" has been closed, many loyal fans are deeply involved in the plot can not extricate themselves. For the group's creators, the ratings of "All Good" have given the creators a thorough boost.

Director Liu Xilong once commented on "All Good" and actor Yao Chen. If "Hidden" made Yao Chen, then "All Good" was just the beginning of her career. This time, Yao Chen, who has almost faded out of the audience's sight, is getting hot. From the queen of microblog to the queen of today's topic, she has been searching frequently during this period, exploding the "eyeball economy" of social networking by virtue of her solid acting skills and personal charm.

In the early morning of April 1st, Yao Chenyang dynamically said: They are all very good, they are happy! It's all very well. It's the first gathering since the closing of the magazine.

This gathering not only came to the founding actors of "All Good", but also to the relevant production teams, such as director Jane Chuan-tao, who was on the scene, not so much the first gathering after the closing of the official, as the celebration banquet of "All Good". During the production and shooting of this play, many actors publicized it, but it did not arouse much response, but did not expect to broadcast instantly.

Yaochen Station C, two daughter-in-law of the Su family standing in front of Yaochen, while director Jane Chuan-bao standing in the last row, three father-son of the Su family standing on one side. Everyone in the Sujia opera group is in high spirits, unlike everyone in the play with a bitter melon face.

photos of the main actors of the Su family. Such a peaceful scene did not appear in the last episode of the play. Teacher Ni Dahong did not have the old-fashioned state of Su Daqiang in the play. Now he is straightening up and wearing fashionable clothes. Guo Jingfei made Sun Wukong's action of overlooking, which was very funny.

Actor Li Nian (wife of Guo Jingfei in the play) also mentioned in the interview video a few days ago that although Mr. Ni Dahong is 59 years old, he likes mixing with young people, likes the phantom of opera, and likes listening to the music of Deer's Horn. Not only that, he wears fashionable clothes and likes colorful and personalized clothes, such as red and orange, which are his favorite colors.

At this gathering, Ni Dahong was also very individualized, wearing a black-and-white striped sweater, a white duck tongue cap, and snuggled up with Yao Chen to make the movement of pen core. Having been accustomed to Su Daqiang's demon-making and the old-fashioned dragon bell in the play, how can you feel a sense of "hypocrisy" when you see Ni Dahong who is "clever and sells buds"?

Ni Dahong pulled his knee and formed a mutually dependent action with Guo Jingfei on one side of his face, which was a serious funny salesman, while director Jane Chuan-kai sat beside him and watched the salesman.

Director Jane Chuanqiao was an actor and later transformed into a director.

When walking around, Jane Chuan-yu will try his hand at the theatre. Yao Chen laments that Jane Chuan-yu is fortunate that he did not become an actor, otherwise he will lose his job. To be frank, Jane Chuan-yu is not only a good director, but also a good actor. Yao Chen's popularity has soared and returned to the ranks of first-line actresses again. Thank you for yourself, the cast and the director.

Yao Chen, who was in an exciting mood, staged a drinking bridge between the party scene and the director. Look at Yao Chen's glass carefully. It's much bigger than the director's glass.

boat boat thinks, the most powerful force in the play is Chen Yao and Su family's two daughter-in-law. Su Mingyu provoked Sujia Daliang, two second-daughter-in-law knows the book well, does not add confusion, on the contrary, the three Sujia fathers and sons are the most painful.

Director Jane Kawabata led the production team to ensure quality, Yao Chen, Ni Dahong and other actors to ensure acting skills, the script close to people's livelihood and reality, this play is not hot!