Tang Hede took a group photo in memory of Zhang Guorong. Their love is moving.

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Tang Hede took a group photo in memory of Zhang Guorong. Their love is moving.

2019-04-01 11:24:08 1451 ℃

On April 1, 2003, superstar Cheung Guorong died at the age of 46 after falling down on the 24th floor of the Oriental Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. Every April Fool's Day, fans remember Zhang Guorong in various ways.

This year is the 16th year of Zhang Guorong's death. Tang Hede, his former beloved, shared a photo with them and wrote: "How many happy memories in the past, why not go back together?" Expressing deep reluctance and nostalgia with Zhang Guorong's lyrics lyrics, it is moving.

Tang Hede is Zhang Guorong's companion who has been in love for 20 years. Zhang Guorong is handsome and gentle, Tang Hede is handsome and upright. Although they were criticized when they were in public love, no one can deny their natural match.

It is reported that after Zhang Guorong's death, Tang Hede has been single, living alone in his love nest with Zhang Guorong. Every couple's birthday, Zhang Guorong's birthday and any special day, he will send a message of remembrance. It seems that his brother has never gone far.

Zhang Guorong and Tang Hede met in 1982. At that time, Zhang Guorong was just popular. Tang Hede was an elite in banking circles. At a dinner party, two people were secretly sentimental. Later, Tang Hede managed finance for Zhang Guorong. Perhaps it was because of Tang Hede in his life, his career developed better and better, and he became a superstar of the King of Heaven.

In the most brilliant career, Zhang Guorong retired for his lover and moved to Vancouver with Tang Hede. Living the life of a divine couple without competition with the world. As a superstar, naturally it is difficult to get rid of the pervasive paparazzi, the two were still photographed love, quiet life since then break. At that time, Zhang Guorong was very brave. He knew that there was a camera to follow. He graciously took his lover's hand. This picture symbolized breaking the love custom became one of the most classic pictures of the two.

Zhang Guorong has praised his lover Tang Hede in public more than once: "He's really good." He also believes that his superstar aura drags on each other, forcing the other to abandon their private life space and become the target of the paparazzi.

Zhang Guorong, a self-restrained man, also expressed his love for Tang Hede publicly by singing at a concert: You asked me how much I love you, how much I love you, and the moon represents my heart.

It is reported that Zhang Guorong has been suffering from depression since 2002, during which Tang Hede has been accompanied by him. Every day, he would take care of Zhang Guorong and take medicine like a child. On April 1, 2003, Zhang Guorong, who suffered from side effects of drugs, finally suffered from physical and mental double-deck distress and jumped to his death. At the funeral, Tang Hede cried until he broke down and needed help.

Tang Hede said in an interview that in his heart, his brother never went far. Watching him in a corner all the time. I never go home after 11:00 p.m. because I can't bear to worry about him.

Some people said that Zhang Guorong chose to die on April 1st as an April Fool's Day joke with the whole world, and his brother is still alive.

If he is alive, he is 63 years old.